phantom 3 professional

  1. jephoto

    1- Phantom 3 Pro (P3P) for sale full kit (1 has SOLD, 1- still available)

    Hey everyone. Happy 4th! been procrastinating a long while on this, but time to sell my trusty P3P's. I have 2- P3P kits for sale. I just recounted the batteries - I have 8 total. So 4 for each kit. Both in excellent shape. Original box & kit. Full disclosure: Both at one time or another had a...
  2. F

    Phantom 3 pro and Mavic Pro bundle for sale

    am considering selling my entire drone kit. Here's what I have: 1 Phantom 3 pro with 3 batteries, prop guards, DJI ND Filters, backpack carrying case. 1 DJI Mavic Pro with 3 batteries, hardside carry case, DJI ND Filters. Backpack for the Phantom has been customized to also hold the Mavic. Also...
  3. ExallRoofingLtd

    Left side of picture out of focus - P3P

    Hi Guys! I own a Phantom 3 Professional and i've been using it to take aerial photographs, however in all pictures the left hand side of the picture is blurry and out of focus compared to the right hand side. Is this normal or is there a setting where I can adjust this? Thanks for your help...
  4. U

    No camera feed

    I've recently had to repair a few elements of my gimbal due to a crash. All seemed okay yesterday, gimbal was stable and camera was working all as should be. However, today I went for a flight and got no camera feed, just a black screen with a dji logo in the center. No matter how many times...
  5. A

    Another crashed P3P

    Hello all, Today I am writing, because my friend (let's called him Capt. Sully) crashed his P3P into a tree. The reason I am writing this thread, is because I would like input from you guys on which parts should be replaced or keep an eye on in case they are damaged but aren't visible. We want...
  6. P

    Camera not available on djigo app next day, no green/red light on camera

    Owned Phantom 3 pro since inception. All of a sudden, about 3-4 weeks ago, my dji go app does not recognize my camera. Flew and photographed the day before without any issue day, no camera on iPhone 6 (which I have always used with remote). Everything else works ...I can even...
  7. N

    SOLD - Phantom 3 Pro + Titan Atlas + Case

    Used for just over a year. In great shape. Never any issues and never any crashes or hard landings. No cracks, scratches or dings. Flies great and the Titan Atlas gives you a solid RC and Video signal at long range and cuts through any interference if flying in heavy building areas. Can fly with...
  8. Pegasus Robin

    Please Help! P3P Gimbal Woes

    Hi all, thanks again for your patience, you may have already seen my post about my gimbal problems with my P3P. well, the good news is, I've fixed the gimbal, it was 3 screws loose in the pitch arm. Now, after connecting it back with my old ribbon cable, I first got a crazy gimbal and I pulled...
  9. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    A gravel pit void of activity. Phantom fly through.

    A Saturdays ending:
  10. N

    Firmware Update has really messed up my Drone... Help :/

    Firstly it important to understand I am not a noob and have done an awful lot to try to rectify the issues I am getting at the moment since I upgraded last week... 1) The first big change was a black camera view when going on the DJI Go App before 4. Basically what is happening is I boot up...
  11. S

    DJI Phantom 3 Pro Bundle for Sale

    I am selling my Phantom 3 Professional Bundle. I am asking $1200 (or best offer) for this entire kit. Drone flies super nice, no issues, everything fits in the backpack. I am trying to move into a different hobby so that's why I am parting with it, I love this Drone. If anyone has any...
  12. HuckleberryStyle

    DJI Phantom 3 Professional, Case, Batteries, Extras

    Listed on eBay. Click HERE
  13. F

    Phantom 3 Pro won't play transferred videos on iPad Mini 2

    Hey everyone! First of all, I am new here, but I have had my Phantom for about 2 months now and fly it nearly every day. I have something like 25 hours of flight time so far. So, my issue is this: I got tired of editing the low quality (720p) videos that I can download directly from the...
  14. Pegasus Robin

    P3P iOS screen sharing

    Hi all Still anticipating the arrival of my P3P so in preparation, I'm looking for some info on how it's possible to do screen sharing on iOS. I've downloaded litchi vue and I've seen another app called dji screen share. Can anyone give me some guidance as to which of the 2 are better apps, if...
  15. T

    Battery problem after fw v1.10.90 update

    Hi! I upgraded my p3 professional to fw v1.10.90. It started that I charged the battery and the remote control. I upgrade the p3 professional, but it became a problem. After a while the upgrade stopped, the led became red, and a constant sound. After that I could not turn off the p3 with the...
  16. Clear Day North West

    Clear Day North West

    Clear day for flying at 400 metres
  17. T

    Samsung Tab A (2016) DJI Go App Issue

    I was having a heck of a time trying to find one of my devices that could view the live downlink from the my new-to-me P3P and had GPS built in. I finally realized I'd bought a Samsung Tab A for some work stuff not too long ago! Huzzah! It's listed on the approved devices list and everything...
  18. G

    Bye bye P3P, discontinued

    Said really I think the P3P was great Farewell Phantom 3 Pro, DJI discontinue some of Phantom range - sUAS News - The Business of Drones
  19. B

    Phantom Registration Question

    I have had my phantom 3 professional for about a month now. I licensed it around a week after I got it. Am I supposed to be getting a sticker to put on the phantom? I ordered the package that comes with them so it can be considered as registered.
  20. B

    Phantom 3 Professional Flight Issue

    I have been flying my phantom 3 professional for about a month now. Every time I fly I try to go further but it will tell me "weak transmission signal" and the camera feed will cut out. This occurs after only about a few blocks away so less than 500 feet. I am at about 17-18 satellites whenever...