phanotm 4

  1. A

    Video recording problem

    Hi, I couldn't find anything similar to my problem. Few days ago i was able to record for 2 and a half minutes and then i got purple lines and video gliched, I was able to fly normal. Then i could only take pictures, when i change it to video gimbal goes to right and it switches back to photo...
  2. M

    My Phantom 4 fell out of the sky.

    My P4 fell out of the sky for no apparent reason. My guess is the new replacement battery was defective. I had just flown for about 15 minutes. Landed and replaced the original battery with one I ordered from amazon which came in a set of two. I charged both batteries before the day of my event...
  3. D

    compass accuracy Phantom 4 advance/pro

    Hello All, I wasn't able to find in the internet what is the accuracy of Phantom 4 Advance compass (I believe it is similar to the pro) so if anyone know the answer it will be great, or where i can find those specs
  4. B

    Forest Falls

    A little spot just off the road in Nor Cal.
  5. The Battleship USS North Carolina

    The Battleship USS North Carolina

    Video and history of the USS North Carolina
  6. N

    DJI Barometer

    Hi! I want to know which barometer does DJI uses. Someone know how can I find this kind of information? Thanks!
  7. L

    Low Noise Props for Phantom 4 Pro & Pro Plus v2: $30

    I have 4 unopened boxes of low noise props for Phantom 4 Pro & Pro Plus v2. Never used or opened. I'll also include heightened landing gear stabilizers extra charge. Will pay for shipping and PP fees. Shipping to the lower 48 states only, or local pick up in Carlsbad (San Diego).
  8. Reem_

    phantom 4 pro a flight without pilot

    Hello everyone! I'm beginner and I've silly questions: Can I fly the dji phantom 4 pro a flight without pilot? Can I set individual waypoints to pause the drone ?
  9. N

    What RX 3rd party or OEM can i bind with my P4 controller?

    What 3rd Party or OEM telemetry receiver (RX) can i bind with my P4 controller? I'm soon to build a freestyle quad and don't have the budget to buy a $100-$200+ transmitter, and would like to re-use my DJI P4 controller. Looking for low cost obviously. NOT CONCERNED ABOUT VIDEO (VTX), only...
  10. Parkview

    Export and save panorama photos with Pro 4 Plus

    I’m have a hard time getting info on this. How do you locate the panorama photos that have been stitched using DJI program with the Plus unit. I can stitch and view on the monitor but can’t figure out how to get off the unit. I see the folders that contain the separate pano photos but can’t...
  11. thatsanicepicture

    Is the Phantom dead?

    I have a P4P+ and love it. But maybe the "Phantom" form factor is done, cooked, old fashion and otherwise yesterday's news. It's body style function was to "Fit it all in" ... Has technology made that requirement as out of place as film cameras. Yes I know people still use film cameras. We...
  12. F

    Phantom 4 Pro - 360 Pano Mode resolution

    Can anyone please confirm if the software update 4.1.22 that updated the P4P to be able to shoot internal panos int he Go 4 app, also has the 360 sphere feature as with the spark, mavic and air? If so, How many images does it take What is the final resolution? thanks
  13. Helihover

    Christmas Over The Clackamas

    Captured this morning. I think this is the first time I shot an HDR RAW photo. I did a lil filming too, but it was really foggy and the lens was covered with in the first ten minutes.
  14. odannyj

    How kids react to my drone

  15. Donatas

    Birds VS Drones Attack by Birds

  16. achatzis

    Sunrise - Sunset angles, missions tip!

    Hello, shooting video against the sun it is not so easy, the use of expensive filters or shooting having the camera heading set in a specific angle can help and of course can bring great results. But, having the sun at the back gives you great results as well and with less effort. Any way...
  17. M

    Gimbal cannot received MC data / Compass disconnected

    HI, I recently replaced the outer shell on me P4 and when i tried to start it after the repair i received a gimbal cannot receive main controller data and compass error. Calibration required. When i try and calibrate the compass nothing happens and in the compass status screen it says compass...
  18. Wjm

    Champex Lake - Switzerland

    Small mountain lake in Champex Valais Switzerland
  19. M

    P4 Gimble/Camera Problem

    i hit a tree with my P4 and now my camera will only stay in a downward position twitching every few seconds. I still have video feed. externally the gimble itself seems to be in good shape, no cracks. i think it may be the gimble roll motor that needs to be replaced? any insight would be...
  20. Helihover

    Who Here Flys From a Boat?

    I want to launch from a smaller aluminum boat on a very large river. Meaning my P4 will be initializing on a rocking boat. Thoughts? Experiences? Techniques? Thank You;)