1. Billmh12

    P4Pro Camera/Video lock up, spin in endless loop, altitude data not updating either ????

    I have a relatively new Obsidian P4Pro. A fair amount of time when I am in picture mode, the button just continues to loop like it is processing a photo. NOrmally you hear the shutter noise and it is ready for the next shot. Mine randomly gets hung up. I try to clear it by pressing on it or just...
  2. P

    WTB: P4Pro Batteries

    Looking to buy the following accessories for my P4Pro 1. High capacity battery (with low mileage) 2. Polar Pro filters Cine series (ND8,ND16, ND32) Please make your offers
  3. tml4191

    What fps do you guys shoot at when filming moving cars?

    I'm just wondering what fps you guys shoot at when filming a moving car. Is 24 fps better because of that motion blur, or will 60 fps be best because of its usefulness in post production?
  4. embayweather

    Eachine Goggles 2

    I know others have managed to get this to work successfully on a P4Pro, so I have tried to set it up. All is good until I plug the HDMI cable into the goggles and then I lose signal on my iPad. I can clearly see the data overlay in the Goggles produced by the handset but no video image. Just...
  5. Zorro

    Into the Waves with Kitesurfers | Low Flying | Norway

    I wanted to make another low flying film, focusing on the coastline inbetween the rocks and the waves up close. Lucky for me, this location is perfect for kitesurfing too it seems. Would love to hear from you what you think about this video. If it works. Filmed at the same location over 3...
  6. embayweather

    P4Pro battery clips

    My batteries , all three of them, will not clip into the battery cavity with both clips, only. Whilst it works I do not feel comfortable with flying the craft that way. Is there any work around other than the obvious of things trapped inside? All the batteries are original equipment and the...
  7. Zorro

    Pyramiden - A Russian Ghost Town

    Pyramiden is a ghost town from the Soviet-Era in Svalbard. Only 800 miles from the North Pole. I went there with my Osmo Mobile, Samsung s8 amd my Phantom 4 Pro with the hope that I could get some nice aerial video with me. This is a story about me trying to fly inside a russian ghost town...
  8. along_faiz

    Phantom 4 Pro Remote

    Im having a problem with my P4P remote. Its keep beeping and blinking as soon as I on the remote. Have done everything that others people have been told like adjust the throttle but its not working. The only solution that I got is as soon as I on the remote I go the DJIGO4 aps and I calibrate...
  9. Zorro

    Something new! Flying inside a forest between the trees!

    Wanted to make a different kind of dronevideo this time, and have thought long about learning to fly in tight areas and get more closeup filming. And flying inside a forest between the trees and among the treetops was the first video I wanted to make. Asked around in forums for best AND safest...
  10. Y

    Selling my DJI Phantom 4 Pro With extra set of blades!

    I'm looking to sell my drone because it's a little too big. Although it is far better than the mavic, I think i'd prefer a mavic because I can stuff it in a backpack and go to get quick drone footage versus carrying a giant case around with me. So I have 2 offers. Straight cash (looking for...
  11. Suspended Moments

    P4Pro + MPG4 File Corrupt

    Hi Guys, In a pickle here. Flew the P4Pro Plus this morning, recorded four MPG4 4k Video Sequences. All four files play in the quad via the remote and attached screen, so I thought all was good to go. Back at the editing station, the first three MPG4 files are fine (imported to Premiere Pro cc)...
  12. Zorro

    Skiing with Osmo & P4Pro

    Made a video this easter filming with Osmo Mobile and the P4Pro.Testing the Osmo downhill skiing and regular skiing, doing hyperlapses, timelapses, otionlapses and normal. Sort of testing it what it is good at doing. And I must say its really fun to use this Used a Samsung S7 edge on the Osmo...
  13. T

    What are the must haves if I buy a P4Pro?

    Looking at getting a P4Pro soon and wondering what extras I need? It's been 2 years since I looked at Phantoms but I remember that a gimbal guard on the landing gear used to be recommended. Is that still a thing and is there a best one? Obviously extra batteries to be able to fly at least an...
  14. embayweather

    DJI Guarantee

    I have just contacted DJI about a guarantee on behalf of my brother. Currently he lives in the US and will be moving to the UK in about twelve months. He is going to buy a 4Pro and was concerned about the guarantee should he have problems when he moves. The answer was, dont buy overseas as we do...
  15. W

    Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 pro +

    Ok I have just received my P4 Pro + and added it to my small fleet. I currently have an Inspire 2, mavic and as Mentioned P4Pro. The question I pose: Do I NEED both the mavic and P4P, or is the P4Pro the way to go???? Any and all help appreciated... I do have my 107 and use them...
  16. ScrooemPhantom

    Off to a New Start P4P from the AMA EXPO

    just landed home from the AMA EXPO in Ontario CA at the convention center. over 200 vendors in the main exhibit hall with break out secession's, tables for kids and modelers, Tons of planes, helicopters and then a few drone vendors. Met up with Sammy's Camera booth and picked up the DJI P4P hard...
  17. R

    P4P Compass Calibration Keeps Failing

    I've flown a P2 Vision + for one year and P3 Pro for a year and a half, and now I just purchased a P4 Pro. I flew it twice and all went well - calibrations and all. Today I tired two areas where I've flown in the past and I was seeing a compass error and then could not get the compass to...
  18. M

    P4 pro still images...

    Is there anywhere online where I can see a bunch of full res 20mp samples from the P4 Pro? thanks. -Michael
  19. S

    Litchie for Phantom 4 Pro

    Does anybody know if and when Litchie will be available for the P4Pro? I imagine they have to wait for the SDK to be released, but it would be nice to know a timeline.
  20. T

    P4P zoom issue ?

    i cant use pinch and zoom neither my ipad pro and my iPhone 6, am i the only one? Have some of you fix it?