SOLD: DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Accessories

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Sep 14, 2014
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I have a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, with many accessories, for $975 that is in absolute immaculate condition and works perfectly! The bird has flown perfectly and takes amazing aerial photographs and videos. I've had no crashes or even rough landings as I've always used the hand catch method.

Will ship and take payment via PayPal or meet within 60 miles of Madison, WI for a local pickup discount.

Advantages over many other quadcopters:
  • 20 MP sensor with variable aperture (allows for great photographs and optimal video in any light, without the need for ND filters)
  • Stability (heavier and more resistant to wind gusts)
  • Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter
  • Remote Control Transmitter (Model GL300F)
  • Phone / Tablet holder for the transmitter
  • 3 OEM DJI Batteries (3, 6 & 13 charges)
  • 8 OEM Propellers
  • Original Styrofoam Case
  • All original cables and documentation
  • Padded Backpack Case for the included styrofoam case
  • DJI 3-bay battery charger
  • Transmitter Sun Shield
  • Gimbal / Camera Guard with Red Warning Strap
  • Windsurfer antenna range extender
  • Silicone Motor Covers (Dust Prevention during storage)


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Price lowered to $975 and let me know if you have any questions.
After no bites here, this package is now available on eBay here.
Watch out for those Bidders with ZERO Feedback...
Thanks for the tip. Any way to discourage them or sell to good buyers?
Thanks for the tip. Any way to discourage them or sell to good buyers?

Thanks again for the tip and yes, there was already a brand new account with a zero score as the high bidder. I contacted eBay chat support, and this page really helped, and I would recommend that everyone who sells on eBay, at least check it out, as I think it will do wonders to help prevent scammers attempting to purchase our stuff!
FWIW, Craigslist has a listing for one in Santa Barbara for $700 and another in North Hollywood for $600. Both have been listed for quite some time.
One consideration would be the three batteries. Your ad mentions
”OEM”. Based on the picture, looks like one of them may be other than OEM and one of the other ones looks to be the low capacity P4 style.
Better information on those batteries may help some buyers.
Good luck with your sale. Those aircraft are still good machines.
Price lowered to $975 and let me know if you have any questions.
Hi Stach -- Looks like I'm in the market for a P4P. My long time lead bird reached it's expiration date today, said GoodBye, and took a dive. Services set for Saturday.

I'm interested in your For Sale. I already have the iPad, so am not interested in that. If life were perfect, I'd prefer to buy just the bird and let you sell the RC separately, but I know that's not likely to be of interest to you.

Is there a combination you could do to get into the $600 range? These are working tools for me, so I have to keep the income & expenses in line.

If you want to talk, I don't see a PM button, so shoot me a text or call to (803) 487-5308.......... Bob R.
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