1. P

    P3A - GL300C - No Smartphone Connection

    Hi, after some days of trying to fix the issue by myself I now want to try it here:) I am thankful for every helping hand! Equipment: - Phantom 3 Advanced V1.11 - GL300C Remote (should be V1.9.3 but current Version is unknown) - Huawei P20 Pro - Android 10 / IPhone 7 - DJI Go 3.1.72 Problem...
  2. A

    Phantom 3 Advanced - no video feed on remote/ipad

    Hi! I have a P3A that I sent back to DJI for repairs. They quoted me almost $400 to fix my drone that has never been in a crash. I have no video signal on my phone, it shows a black screen, BUT the gimbal control works fine. Any suggestions on how to repair this myself for less? Any help...
  3. jimlips

    How to melt white plastic stubs that hold LED PC Boards

    Hello: I recently replaced the lower clamshell frame on my P3A due to hairline fractures in one of the motor "arms" on the old one. It all went OK, but I'm not sure how to melt the two little white plastic "pins" that pop up through the holes in the four LED PC board assemblies. I'm guessing...
  4. Patrrick

    Highest flight to date - only 300 feet though - Video

    After not touching my P3A for almost 12 months I'm slowly getting to grips with it again, and confidence is growing. Here's our local closed down power station, (Rugeley, Stafford UK). I'll be going back to get some different views soon. Patrick Rugeley Towers
  5. Patrrick

    Back in the air!

    After my recent mishap when I had to recover my P3A from a railway cutting I finally got back in the air, launching in a very large open space. The aim was simply to practice my flight skills but I did run the camera and post this on youtube that shows parts of 2 short flights. I couldn't use...
  6. J

    P3A Camera Quality

    Hello all, I recently lost my P3A in the swamps of SE N.C. Long story short I could not retrieve it. I purchased a use P3A from EBay at at decent price , $550. When I received the drone it had a new shell and the camera had some marks and gashes on it, so I figured it was crashed. It flew just...
  7. E

    Power form USB socket

    Hi all I am looking at putting some lights on my P3A. This will obviously need some power (12 or 5v). The different options I have read about/though of are 1) Open up the bird and patch in somewhere – not too keen on this idea 2) Patch into the battery – there seems to be some...
  8. Supermofo


    Selling my much loved Drone.. EBay link below: Dji phantom 3 advanced c/w extra battery, carry case, carbon blades & lens hood | eBay DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Carbon props Extra battery Lens protector Lens Hood Carbon brace Carry case/rucksack (not shown in pics) Used proffesionally Few marks...
  9. G

    "motor obstructed" error even with known good motor

    Hello everyone ! I've just bought my first drone last week, a P3A that seems to have been in a crash because the gimbal was completely broken in pieces, but the seller gave me a new spare one that i mounted and its working great. the seller told me that I just had to resolder 2 motors but it...
  10. M

    Litchi mission not starting

    I can't fathom out why my simple Litchi mission just will not start on my P3A and in theory this link lets you look at it: Mission Hub - Litchi I'm not using DJI GO and so power up the drone using Litchi. I have tried manually getting the drone to waypoint 1 which is probably about 100 feet...
  11. M

    Considering a GL658C instead of GL300B for P3A

    I've been searching all day for a new RC for my P3A. The internal plastic posts that hold the screws broke (RTH button too) so I pulled it apart to fix. All went well until I messed up the cable re-connecting the controller board to the main board. Finding parts has been difficult although I've...
  12. M

    Need a controller that is compatible with P3A

    Short story - the plastic stems that hold the screws on the remote broke. I attempted a repair but managed to damage the ribbon connecting the main board to the USB controller board. The controller starts fine but never connects to Litchi or DJI Go. I'm having a hard time trusting ebay now that...
  13. Infinite_parts

    DJI GL300 RC not charging issue - how to fix?!

    Greetings, Pilots! Today I am opening new topic for DJI GL300 remote controller charging issue. Let's discuss varieties of errors and knowledge on - how to fix them. Let's suppose we have a GL300 (A/B/C) remote controller for our P3A, P3X AC. Everything is fine with connection between RC and...
  14. P

    Timed shots

    I wanted to check timed shots yesterday and app showed only 10, 20 and 30 seconds as an option. Is it app related, firmware related, or is it just that with phantom 3 advanced? Thanx for you help!
  15. P

    SOLD $500: Phantom 3 Advanced w/Backpack, Spare Battery

    SOLD! Selling my complete P3A w/spare battery, propellers, backpack, filters, and more (see photos). I recently replaced the entire shell, so it looks almost like brand new and flies and functions great. Original box and all original accessories plus some extras are included: - Quadcopter -...
  16. M

    Just bought a P3A, No Camera Button in DJI Go App

    I just purchased a used P3A and spent about 4 hours troubleshooting it last night. The RC connects to the AC fine, I can start the props, move the camera, etc., although the light blinks green very slowly on the RC. However, I am unable to connect to the RC using the DJI Go App, there is no...
  17. t2adze

    How to achieve Tripod mode on P3?

    Hey I wanna know if there is a possibility to adjust settings in DJI GO, so the P3A will fly SLOWLY like a P4 does in Tripod Mode. Any suggestions would be nice to hear Thanks
  18. H

    Installing P3P Firmware on Modded P3A

    I posted a question yesterday having to do with downgrading P3P firmware after doing the 4K mod on the P3A. I had one answer from Digdat0, which mentioned the tedious manner in how the downgrade had to be done. In fact, he had installed an HD cam/gimbal on a P3P, the opposite of what I'd...
  19. H

    Upgrade Cam/Gimbal on P3A - Downgrade To P3P To v.01.07.00 Firmware

    The title explains what I wish to do - add the P3P 4k camera and gimbal to the P3A. All the posts here and otherwise say I also need to install the P3P firmware so the upgrade cam/gimbal operates OK. Has anyone successfully installed an older version (01.07.00) of P3P Firmware via the micro SD...
  20. jimlips

    My P3A gimbal problems - help?

    A little background: I bought a used P3A as a newbie, and crashed several times. I broke the gimbal mount, and tore the flex section, and dented the camera shroud. I was able to buy replacement flex and mount and install, and the camera dent did not appear to hurt the camera. It had been...