1. D

    Advanced P3A Gimbal Won't Initilize

    I have done a lot of successful flights, but today when I tried to power on, my gimbal would not stabilize. It appears it can't assume the horizontal position. It tries to initialize on a 45 degree angle, like something is broken. I don't know how anything broke as it flew successfully...
  2. Palmieri

    Phantom 3 Log Code [19 00] Update Error

    Hi guys, someone know what's the code [19 00] for? Im trying to update but an error on this section block my update and give me the update error. All normal procedures to update are clear (clean sd card, format, download again, unzip, etc). I hear of some CUSTOM UPGRADES for this specificall...
  3. B

    Motor damage

    Recently my P3A got caught under a bench (I know, I know) and one of my motors smoked...it still flies and I can't see how it affects the flying but I can see the damage on the windings and the motor gets very hot...the question is, should I continue flying or ground it until I get a new motor?
  4. R

    Elephantom MAMMOTH $60 (Free Shipping to USA) (P3)

    For sale, I have the WHITE ELEPHANTOM MAMMOTH (for tablets) for the Phantom 3. It is only used twice and works awesome (no damage of any kind). I am only selling because I bought a handheld electronic gimbal for indoor shoots since I think this is going to become more of a common thing for me...
  5. Steve Shead

    Beer Can Beach - Aptos CA

    Still getting used to flying - took some footage at the beach. The only issue was glare on the screen meant I couldn't see detail on the ocean, even with a glare shield. Anywho - I'm having fun learning the ropes on this one.
  6. N

    The professional filter set for the Phantom 3

    I know there are already a few filter sets being produced for the P3 but there hasn't been a definitive set that helps still photographers as well as cinematographers. Please take a look at this one and comment so our friend @Rainbowers can be motivated to produce these...
  7. skyhighdiver

    P3A For Sale