1. M

    Need help reconnecting RotorPixel Gimbal wires after crash

    Had a crash and most of the wires disconnected. Need help in knowing which connectors to re-attach wires to. - There are two sets of 3-conductor black wires for the motors. One end is still attached to motor(s), just need to know which connectors on control board to attach them to. Then...
  2. M

    Requesting goggle recommendations

    I am thinking of buying fpv goggles. I have a P4P, P3A, and a broken P2V. I also have a Hubsan H501S. Are DJI's goggles worth the $450 or so price tag? I am looking for a less expensive but still good option. I also much prefer wireless operation. On the other there are also more expensive...
  3. J

    ESC's not lighting up during boot sequence

    Hi guys, I'm having an issue with the LEDs on 3 of the ESCs not lighting up during the boot sequence. They all light up during flight mode and the bird flies just fine but its a bit annoying. A bit of history on the bird, I had to replace 2 ESCs (v2.0) a while back and it hasn't worked since...
  4. Stringer News

    Lost connection when I turn on motors

    Any experience with a PV2+ losing wifi when turning on the motors. First I thought it might be the phone but I've tried on 3 different devices now. Ruled that out. Next I updated all firmware and rebound the wifi extender and the camera/module. Next I viewed the wifi connection directly in...
  5. bernek

    Range Test - P2V + ITELITE DBS-01

    I've done some tests in close vicinity of my home on some hills there I've reached 1100-1200 meters. (~4000 ft). I could have tried a little further but was getting quite a lot of disconnects. All the tests are done with RE500. (I have one RE700 on the way for 1 month already shipped with USPS...
  6. B

    I crashed my P2V and now I'm all messed up... :-(

    Hi Phantom Pilots, I was flying my P2V on Friday the 13th (shame on me) when I crashed.. When I recovered the drone, the camera had become disconnected.. I reconnected the servo cable & the jack on the back of the camera, although it was bent.. Flew the drone again and everything went fine...
  7. J

    P2V OSD Module

    Greetings Phantom Pilots: I have a two-year-old P2V on which the OSD has failed. All the flight controls work perfectly, and it still takes excellent video and still images. I just can't see what I'm shooting. I'm running the latest firmware. I sent it to the shop from which I purchased it and...
  8. J

    WIFI problems? Connects, then disconnects after about 100 ft

    Relative newbie- have done lots of research though so im decently aware of the terminology. So I bought my drone (Phantom 2 Vision (not the vision PLUS)) used, from craigslist from a very nice old man that bought it and used it very little and very gently. I flew it around, and the farthest ive...
  9. Great Pumpkin

    CRASH! But not the kind you're thinking

    The driver and I were wearing seat belts, my P2V and P3P were not, when our pickup truck went into an 80 mph rollover on I-40 in Texas two weeks ago. The quadcopters were ejected when the cover was torn off the truck bed on the fifth or sixth rollover, and three batteries, two battery chargers...
  10. N

    NJ & NYC area! Selling my P2V +accessories $600

    I recently posted the ad on craigslist but i don't think craigslist has a market for quad copters. Plus, this deal is too good for someone outside the quad copter/ drone community. I'm selling my Phantom 2 Vision in order to upgrade to the P3P. I'm not asking for much since i'll be including...
  11. Steve Shead

    PSV with extra battery and hard case for sale

    I have a two month old, rarely flown Phantom 2 Vision with an extra battery and an aluminum hard case for sale. I have a P3A now so don't have a use for it. I'm in San Jose, CA - buyer pays shipping. Looking for $500.