Prop Noise Increased on Phantom 4 with Pelican Case

Jul 23, 2016
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To the point: Don't store and/or transport your bird with the props attached, the foam may cause just enough pressure to temporarily bend the props increasing their noise output. To avoid this potential increased prop noise, transport and store your quadcopter with the props removed. If you want to know more read on.

Recently I noticed an increase in prop noise from the P4. The noise increase was substantial enough that I brought the P4 back home for detailed inspection. All for props were removed, inspected and cleaned, no obvious issues. I put the P4 back up and heard the same increased prop noise. I again inspected the props and swapped motor positions with the same results. Replacing the props and the noise was gone. I could not identify the problem initially. I had not crashed or mishandled my equipment, in fact I had even purchased the pelican made for the P4 for more protection. I was excited at the possibility of a case that did not require me to remove the props. After some thought I realized the noise increased on my next flight after purchasing the Pelican case.

After closer inspection of the case I deducted that the foam in the top of the case was putting just enough pressure on the props to ever so slightly bend the props during storage and transport. The new props that I used were stored in a such a way as not to have any pressure points, thus remained in their original manufactured state. Maybe this warrants a prop case for added storage protection.

I highly recommend a gooder :) quality carrying case for your bird. The more protection you are less likely to haves failures due to shock by mishandling. I also recommend checking out
HPRC PHA4-2710 Hard Case for DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter
I own both the Pelican and the HPRC. The Pelican is smaller with no wheels and lighter weight, the HPRC has wheels and adds a lot more storage and protection. Both cut to fit your P4, waterproof, air tight and offer lifetime warranties. I use the pelican for short trips and the HPRC for shipping and checked baggage on commercial airlines. (remember to remove the batteries before checking any quadcopter on a commercial airline). I also remind you to charge and transport spare batteries in a LiPo guard case.

I have three batteries to transport and use this bag.

Safe and quiet flying.
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Jul 4, 2016
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I have the hprc without the wheels. I love it

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