1. DroneJI

    Flying A Yunecc in Arches National Park!

    I was on a Long Vacation on 09/08/2018 i was Leaving Arches National Park and see a Yuneec Drone in the air about midway in the Park! I did go up to this Guy And asked him to bring it down or get reported! He jut Blew me off (the Girls he was with Knew they Took OFF fast) he just gave me a Few...
  2. T

    NFZ Green Zone Blocks Flight?

    After surgery on my hands I have not flown my drone for 12 months. I have now updated firmware etc. I have always flown my drone at my home, but now I'm told it's a NFZ. I get a message to approve the flight which I select with out any joy. I have gone onto the DJI site to create an approval...
  3. J

    Any Dummy Can Fly a Drone

    For Phantom 4 Pro (and others) Every good pilot uses checklists. Regard your Phantom 4 Pro or other quality UAV as a toy and it will end up as most toys do…broken or lost. As you gain experience with this device you will come to appreciate the sophistication and planning that went into its...
  4. M

    GEOfence Error Resolution

    I found that I was prevented from flying at a location because there is a red zone mapped there. The NFZ is in error. The location is near/at an airport which is in Class G airspace. Class E lies above at 700 feet AGL. Corresponding with DJI yields a request for: 1). A form of...
  5. tml4191

    DJI's New Stealth Mode

    DJI Launches Local Data Mode for DJI Pilot App - WeTalkUAV
  6. Dallas Drone Guy

    Unlock NFZ on P3 Standard - Button not in App!

    I have updated to the required firmware and have the most recent app. Was granted permission from FAA. Used FAA docs to submit and have permission granted from DJI. I go to the Airport on the prescribed day and the button that I am supposed to slide to the side is not in the general settings...
  7. D

    How to unlock NFZ with Arduino?

    I live in a huge NFZ, I have to travel a long distance to just fly the drone and I am a newbie so I just want practice and won't fly high. But I am not able to do it. I heard that you can unlock the NFZ with Arduino products to simulate GPS signals and add offset on it, so it will appear on the...
  8. Wessex

    No Fly Zone additional unlocks

    Hi, I am a UK resident and would like to know how you can set multiple unlock zones. I have unlocked a local area but now need to unlock another but it is not giving me the option. Question; how do you set multiple unlock zones and can you cancel or delete an authorisation before the end of...
  9. Chuck1906

    What is your workaround if the Go App won't let you fly?

    This question is more for those of us with the Remote Pilot in Command license. It hasn't been an issue yet for me but I am curious to see what other people are doing if you are a licensed pilot and you are flying in a location that the Go App won't allow you to take off. What do you do? Those...
  10. We Talk UAV

    DJI introduces new shapes of No Fly Zones

    DJI Introduces New Shapes of No Fly Zones for Chinese Airports - WeTalkUAV
  11. Kevinusma

    Rose Bowl NFZ

    I drove 30 minutes out to Pasadena to get some shots of the Rose Bowl stadium and the DJI Go App blocked me from taking off. The DJI Go app said it was a NFZ even though and Hover both said it wasn't. It also wasn't listed on the DJI NFZ web map. Pretty soon we won't be able to fly...
  12. SoCalDude

    FAA Grants TFR Waiver for South Dakota Drone Pilot!

    "In a dramatic reversal of its prior refusal to allow drone journalists in the no-fly zone over the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota, the FAA has granted drone photographer Robert Levine of Minneapolis, Minnesota a three-day waiver to fly in the so-called TFR or temporary flight...
  13. Drestin Black

    DJI Mandatory, uninterruptible actions are wrong, legally actionable

    Dear DJI, I have a couple of Phantom P4s and I love them; fly them daily as a hobbyist and am working towards becoming a FAA licensed UAS pilot. You have a great product, hardware and software. Kudos! An incident today and the hours since has given me time to reflect and come to a conclusion...
  14. W

    NFZ Questions

    I recently purchased a DJI Phantom 3 4k. I read all the FAA guidelines for flight and watched a lot of the tutorials on YouTube. I have taken 2-3 flights around my back yard about 200-300 feet up max. I live around 7 miles from the nearest "airport" which is far enough by law to fly, however...
  15. J

    P3P - Best firmware combination for Intelligent Flight Modes with no NFZ restriction

    Hello all, This question would be for those of you who are familiar with the different firmware and software versions. I have a Phantom 3 Professional running the following versions (found in the 'about' menu of the DJI Go App): DJI Go App: 2.4.3 Remote Controller: 1.3.20 Firmware: 1.2.6+ I do...
  16. I

    No Fly Zone(s) Question

    Hello pilots, I have a problem that would change a lot about where Im allowed to fly. So basically I live about 3/5km (2/3 miles) away from Schiphol (Amsterdam airport) and on websites such as these 2 (examples): 1. Drone Wetgeving en Regelgeving 2016 in Nederland 2. Wet- en regelgeving rond...
  17. M

    Fly Over NFZ with permission

    Hi; I blocked phantom 4's gps signals and succeeded to fly on airport. But it sets to ATTI mode, and in ATTI mode, you cant fly over 50 meters. Is there any way to fly on NFZ? I have official permission. I have to finish this project in 3 months. But i cant find a way? What about industrial...
  18. D

    P3 firmware 1.6.4 NFZ Washington DC Area

    Can anyone who has the latest FW installed (1.6.4) please advise which NFZ it accounts for...the new 15-mile or the old 30-mile when using the DJI app? I ask because DJI has both of these on their NFZ page. When I look at the No Fly Zone page, DJI - The World Leader in Camera...
  19. S

    P4 Manual! Dynamic RTH, NFZ does not apply to Atti mode?

    Ok so @George Race has posted a preliminary copy of the P4 manual a few times in the last hour or so, here is the link to one thread: Phantom 4 operators manual After a quick skim I see that it says that the P4 will have an option to enable Dynamic RTH like the Inspire 1 has, also the NFZ's...
  20. rpratali

    Non-existent helipad ?

    Hoping someone can help. Heliport OI96 shows up on multiple NFZ apps and websites. Because of this helipad I can't fly near my home. I did some research and found the owner's name & phone number. When I call I get a busy signal. The area shown on the maps have the heliport in the middle of...