1. M

    Litchi waypoint altitude transition

    Hi, I have been loving using Litchi with my Phantom 4 Advanced and my missions around the house have been going well. I just took it out on the farm (what I bought it for) and sent it on a hilly mission that I had carefully planned and double checked with Google Earth. It seems it disconnected...
  2. Brojon

    Advice on overcoming chicken syndrone (sic) ;)

    As mentioned by another member it's unnerving - not to mention technically a no-no here in the states - to watch your bird sail away on autopilot. A lot of what-ifs start running through your mind. A lot of worry has been alleviated by simulating missions first in Google Earth but I still...
  3. New Phantom Owner

    Attention Litchi Users!

    Litchi pilots please help! I have a P3S with an antenna mod. Following enthusiastic recommendation I have recently installed Litchi on my Samsung Galaxy S7 for use with my P3S. So far I have only used the VR FPV mode. Very neat to say the least. Surprisingly high resolution. So I'm now doing...
  4. J

    Phantom 4 pro 2.0 not connection to ground station pro app

    I purchased a phantom 4 pro 2.0 to use for flyovers for measuring stockpiles. The drone will not connect to the ground station pro app. Does anyone know if the app is compatible with the 2.0 and if not when the updates will be made so it can connect?
  5. J

    P4 mission complete before mission runs

    I have had two instances of my P4 starting a mission, climbing to altitude, then before the mission actually starts Litchi tells me the mission has ended. The second time this happened, it started to fly away after I heard that message!! Luckily I was able to take over manual control and bring...
  6. Steve_in_DE

    All kinds of grief - and my mission won't fly

    I created a mission on my PC, then set up my Phantom 3 Advanced, got the props idling, opened the mission on my ipad, hit the button to load and start the mission - it loaded, and then I got a "mission ended" statement! The P3A took off and hovered at 1 foot. The mission has no distances...
  7. R

    Litchi Waypoint Mission DAT File

    Flying missions beyond controller signal, I wanted to be able to plot the mission, including the missing out of range segment. When I download a dat file for a normal flight the GPS data is there, however on a waypoint mission flight the gps fields are all zeros. Missions completed perfectly ...
  8. dougvg

    Tripod Mode fails dues to "Mission Conflict"

    About every 10th time I use Tripod mode, as soon as I select tripod mode, I get a failure message citing a "Mission Conflict." The tripod mode actually doesn't fail, it activates and works correctly, but then refuses to exit tripod mode when the "stop" button is pressed. If the drone is far...
  9. A

    Mission failed to upload: way point distance too long

    Failed to load a mission on Litchi because a way point was too long. Now here is the thing, and maybe I'm crazy for trying to do this and let me know if this is the case, my plan is to launch from one location and drive to another for the landing to extend the useful flight time (Don't want to...
  10. D

    Mission app - Litchi

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. I was hoping to get some information about the mission app, Litchi. I have a Phantom 4 Pro. I need to set up a dozen missions to fly a simple L pattern to a destination, then hover while I manually film, then follow that L pattern back home...
  11. T

    How open mission for different location?

    Hello! I make hard mission for one place, i want use my mission in different location with Android, without PC/Mac. How hack it? thank you
  12. M

    Standard Litchi mission elevation source?

    I am a new pilot so this might be a very basic question. When flying a Litchi "way point mission" ... does the bird maintain elevation based on GPS reference or barometer reference ... or both? The reason I ask is the elevation numbers on the bottom of the Litchi screen on my Android phone...
  13. rene van der meer

    Attacked by my P4

    Today I was trying Anti Collision in Litchi during a waypoint mission. I deliberately stepped in the path. The drone started beeping, but to my surprise after a few seconds it aggressively continued its path. I was just able to duck in time. Jaws in the air? ;) The second time the same...
  14. Billy Banana

    I cannot fly a waypoint mission using Litchi

    Hello, I am using the Litchi app on my Ellipsis 8 tablet. I cannot get it to fly a waypoint mission. I do what I think is all I have to do and then the screen says it is downloading but the progress never goes above 0% and the craft sits waiting and goes no where. Anyone have any ideas as to...
  15. Member

    Litchi CSV to KML tool

    Google Earth is a quick and efficient tool to boostrap Litchi waypoint missions. Just draw different paths with an altitude relative to the ground, save to a .KML file, import to Litchi and you're done! At least apart from the cinematic stuff like POIs, curves, heading, camera... But often you...
  16. UgCS

    UgCS 2.9 Update 1 Is Now Live

    We’re proud and very excited to announce the release of the newest version of UgCS ground station software for drones – UgCS 2.9 Update 1. We’ve put in a lot of work to make sure this is the most polished version of UgCS ever. Along with changes in UgCS desktop version, the users of “UgCS for...
  17. S

    Drone to capture pictures at 4km distance

    Hello! I'm new here, thanks for running this great forum. I'm not very competent about drones, only used a few toys in the past. In order to check the state of an almond field, which is located at 4 km from my home, I need a drone that can fly autonomously from my home to the site at a given...
  18. Steve_in_DE

    RTH altitude in the mountains

    I am about to fly a Litchi mission that I created originally in Google Earth. I will be flying up and down the side of a mountain to an elevation that is about 500 feet higher than the home point. The craft will fly at a constant 150 foot altitude AGL, thanks to Google Earth. My worry is, do...
  19. Technikal

    Just Lost my PSP while in litchi mission , need help !

    I was running a litchi mission and when it got near 2nd point i notice the drone showing on screen went to the point very fast and then showed drone from same point agian going normal speed to point 2 and then just lost signal. The mission was over a land site that i dont have access to but...
  20. Stephan

    Litchi Waypoint Tablet/Phone and Android version issues?

    Hi I started off doing an aerial survey and 3D model of a piece of land I own (using Agisoft), which led me to doing missons of around 30 waypoints. This worked well using Go, but when I tried it in Litchi, the app would simply hang without starting the mission. I could do a couple of waypoints...