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  1. V

    New To Droning and Litchi - Not Working Out Well

    I am new to droning as well as using the Litchi app. I purchased a Phantom 4 Pro and had been getting used to flying it with the Go 4 app when I found the Litchi app and purchased it. I have created several practice missions and they do not work as planned and am wondering whether I am doing...
  2. Fuarce

    Litchi for P2

    Good morning to all of you. I see that this section of the Forum has not been attended for a long time ..... but I try anyway. I recently purchased a Phantom 2 V2 used with gimbal Zenmuse H4-3D and GoPro Hero 4 + FPV kit with Flysight receiver. I would like to know what problems could arise...
  3. VegasFlyer

    My most daring mission!

    This is my P3P video taken of the Calico Basin, Gateway Canyon Trail just west of Las Vegas located near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. As of yet, it has no sound and no titles. I wanted to get the video posted first. It was shot and uploaded in 4K. This is by far my most...
  4. A

    TXT, DAT and Litchi

    After seeing all kinds of advice over the last two/three years, I purchased an iPadMini specifically for my P3Pro. For the most part, I love it. In truth, I despise iTunes, but that's life. Lately, I also bought the Litchi app for my iPad and have alternated between building "missions" on...
  5. R

    "Take Photo" option in Litchi WP

    I seem to have lost the ability to "take photo" option in running Litchi WP mission. I am aware that the recording has to be stopped before photo can be taken. Is there something wrong with the sequence of: stop recording-take photo-start recording? I think that I recall I had no problem...
  6. Skyler King III

    Phantom 4 Pro Fly Away on the way ro a Litchi Orbit Mission

    Don't we all like a HAPPY ENDING? I had a flyaway on my Phantom 4 Pro using Litchi, practicing "corkscrew", orbits with increasing radius and altitude. But I didn't get that far. BTW, latest firmware, very recent compass calibration at same point etc. Excellent Weather and KP was 2. It started...
  7. Helio3000

    Litchi app stopped working on my Android Tablet

    Anybody had the same problem ? I bought a BQ Edision 3 Mini and Litchi worked a few months but now always when I try to open the App I got the same message: Unfortunately Litchi stopped working ! I reinstalled It several times even Factory reset my tablet but still the same. I have to use my...
  8. L

    Litchi Mission - Photography of House

    Hi Does anyone know of a Litchi mission which takes multiple photos of a single house from different angles, which I can find on Mission Hub or download CSV or KML. Thanks
  9. rene van der meer

    Attacked by my P4

    Today I was trying Anti Collision in Litchi during a waypoint mission. I deliberately stepped in the path. The drone started beeping, but to my surprise after a few seconds it aggressively continued its path. I was just able to duck in time. Jaws in the air? ;) The second time the same...
  10. C

    How High Can The P3S Go With Litchi App?

    So I bought the Litchi app because im able to get great video at distances that the P3S cant reach. Ive only eve been able to get my P3S to about 400ft. I want to get a little bit higher so I can get some nice footage. I thought if I were to set a waypoint for about 600ft, would that be safe? I...
  11. K

    Litchi Vue Stream not available

    Howdy All, This weekend I tried the Litchi Vue app. With my Android plugged into the Phantom controller running Litchi, and my iPhone (that has the SIM card and Hotspot enabled turned on) as the remote device I was hoping to see the stream in the iPhone. Well, I got them both onto the hotspot...
  12. C

    Will This Litchi Waypoint Survive?

    So I want to fly my Phantom 3 Standard with the litchi app. Now I have used waypoints before and all so I know what I am doing. Tomorrow we should have around 3-8 mph wind and I want to try a kinda long waypoint. Waypoint info: Distance- 15,642ft in total. (There and back) Altitude- 100ft...
  13. C

    Litchi Tracking Accuracy

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here and a new Drone Pilot (of sorts). I have the Litchi app which has tracking features that I wanted that DJI doesn't have. In setting up some simple tracks, I have found the drone follows them fine, what I am having issues with is the accuracy of the maps used for...
  14. S

    GPS tracker dangerous interference; caused mini crash

    After I lost my first P4 , and no chance to find it (long story..), I decided to use a gps tracker all the time. I bought a new P4 and attached a TK102 tracker, set it to send sms every 30 seconds. I attached it by adhesive tape to the landing gear. On the first flight (waypoint programmed...
  15. S

    Litchi Low Battery Behavior?

    Apologies if this question has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the answer in the Litchi manual. If you are on a Litchi waypoint mission and the battery level becomes very low, what happens? Does it try to complete the mission or does it RTH or does it land wherever it is? And can...
  16. Phil Tuggle

    Need Help! - Litchi 3.9.2 on Phantom 3 Advanced w/Older Firmware

    I have a question and a concern regarding the use of the Litchi App. I have never installed Litchi, but look forward to doing so. Basically, I need to know if someone has used a "current" Litchi App in concert with OLDER Phantom firmware. The instructions on the Litchi site indicate I should...
  17. Καλλιστώ

    Very first attempt of a 360° Panorama using Litchi..

    Panorama made of 29 images taken with the beloved Litchi app on my (quite) old Nexus 5. Here it is Salto della lepre - Bonassola ITALY (Probably i was flying too low, but i love the possibility of this tool..) Ciao!
  18. Phil Tuggle

    P3 Firmware Need Help! - Litchi 3.9.2 on Phantom 3 Advanced

    I have a question and a concern regarding the use of the Litchi App. I have never installed Litchi, but look forward to doing so. Basically, I need to know if someone has used a "current" Litchi App in concert with OLDER Phantom firmware. The instructions on the Litchi site indicate I should...
  19. N

    P4 Litchi help

    Ok so i flew first Litchi mission today, all went well except 2 things. I flew around a baseball complex, no one there today. 1) After mission it just started to land....No No No It was trying to land on other side of fence. About 20 feet from take off and on other side of fence :-) Manage to...
  20. P

    Litchi and panorama shot

    Hi, I bought Litchi mainly to do 360° panoramas. I have been using Dji Go with no problems The first panorama that I did was fine but I noticed that my P4 would not stay at a constant altitude. So sometimes the program had to wait until the drone had desended a bit. However yesterday when I...