1. M

    Lightbridge 1 DBUS port pinout

    Hello everyone! I am new to PhantomPilots, and i used InspirePilots previously. I am building a bicopter, and will be using Lightbridge 1, for video and control. Flightcontroller is CC3D Revo, flashed with INAV. The Lightbridge 1 has a DBUS port. In other forums, i have read that DBUS is...
  2. M

    Hack LightBridge and use A different link

    Hi, Thanks in advance, Long story short is we need to use the inspire 2 (no other drone can work for our purposes with enough speed) We are shooting in a live broadcast environment and as everybody knows Light Bridge is absolutely rubbish in congested areas, its far to delayed and unreliable...
  3. P

    Lightbridge automatic mode

    Hi, I have a Phantom 4 Pro with lightbridge and I need to change my default settings to a "switch" mode. I need that my drone choose the best band (2.4 or 5.8) depending on the interference level in each moment, but in my Phantom I have to choose manually the band I want. How should I change...
  4. B

    Interchangeable Phantom 3 Parts

    Hello. This is my first time ever using a forum so I apologize in advance. I have a phantom 3 4k, and I love it. Only thing, I wish it had light bridge, and Russian satellite, but that isn't as much of a priority as light bridge. Are any of those parts interchangeable? Here is why I ask. I...
  5. I

    Can I remove lightbridge from my Phantom?

    Hello friends, Is it possible to remove lightbridge from my Phantom? I would like to use it on an rc airplane for a bit. Also, it there a competitor to lightbridge? Thanks.
  6. L

    Frequent Video-Glitches even in close range (P4P+)

    Hey Guys! I'm new to the phantom family, after seeing the announcement of the P4P+ I was finally sold. I did get to use a P3 last year, the owners were beginners (I have quite some past RC-FPV experience from almost 10 years ago) so they let me take control, since I am a professional...
  7. Luke Skywalker

    Best Remote Distance Mod

    So many of you have all different kinds of mods on the remote for distance. I wanted to start a thread asking what different people have and how much the paid and what the testing results were. This way we can see with all different budgets and requirements what mod would be best for...
  8. J

    Manually selecting Lightbridge II Freq

    This seems like an obvious question, but I haven't been able to find an answer -- on or off the forums. How, exactly, does one manually select the frequency the P4P will use to communicate with the RC? I know (or believe) that, by default, it will bounce back and force between 2.4GHz and...
  9. M

    Phantom 3 Standard Lightbridge,Let's mod it together

    to be honest,i'm wasn't happy with the range of p3s,I saw on youtube with the title 'clonning lightbridge to P3S' and there are instructions to execute sh, but we have to put the script into the file system , but now can not access the firmware 1.7.9 via ftp as usual, we have to 'manual' ftp, is...
  10. T

    Standard Lightbridge v Wifi

    HI, I currently have the P3S and am a bit disappointed with the range. Am thinking about upgrading to the P3A but just wondering if it is worth it? What is the main differences between wifi and lightbridge? and how does lightbridge work? thanks
  11. C

    Laptop viewing for P3P video

    If DJI has done this already, please tell me! I would really like the ability for a laptop to receive the video stream from the drone and show it live. Is there USB plug-in of any sort that could intercept and display this live stream?
  12. JonEQuest

    How to test if VPS/Lightbridge is bad, red light is off???

    I recently swapped bodies on my P3P and now on power up everything seems to work fine except. I get beeping and the VPS has no light and will not allow the bird to connect to the remote. Honestly in messing with it the other day while out of it's skin I MAY have plugged in a cable incorrectly...
  13. mandofresh

    lightbridge and datalink with Naza m V2

    Hi everyone! I have an F550 build currently running the following: Naza M V2 w/GPS Zenmuse H3-3D Hero 3 iOSDmini ImmersionRC 5.8ghz tx Futaba T14SG My video range and quality is poor and would cost a lot in antennas to get good range and still not be HD. I have a DJI datalink sitting around...
  14. M

    Video transmission mess up on P3A/Autopilot/iPad Mini 2

    I tried Autopilot for the first time today, in Waypoint Mode. I flew a P3A using the penultimate firmware (didn't do the very recent upgrade), and an iPad Mini 2, with the latest OS. The flight was fine but the video transmitted back in realtime was totally messed up. Why is that, and how do...
  15. P

    Phantom 4 Questions

    Hey guys, Sorry if this has already been answered ( I did look for a while and couldn't find it). I bought a Phantom 4 yesterday and so far I'm really happy with it.. I just have a few questions, does it use lightbridge technology like some of the P3 range? Or does it use the more basic wifi...
  16. Rigo Torres

    Phantom 3 Adv/Pro remote controller - transmitter (Lightbridge)

    Hi guys, I'm selling a brand new Phantom 3 Adv/Pro transmitter. It has never been used, and it's working in perfect condition, of course. It comes with the device holder as well. The remote ships from Malaysia, I'd be willing to ship internationally. I take PayPal and international bank...
  17. WTFOver


    I have to ask the question and I'm sure some of you have had it cross your mind. With all the wrecked P3Pro/Adv parts out there I would really like to incorporate the light bridge components into a FPV set up say for my old Phantom 2 with 5.8g video setup. Any thoughts on why it can or can't be...
  18. I

    No Lightbridge 2 :(

    I was hoping that the P4 will include the new LightBridge 2 which has 50ms latency and 1080p live feed vs 220ms and 720p in lightbridge 1. In terms of fpv, the P3 was a very big jump comparing to P2 vision+, buy now, other then the improved speed in sport mode, I find nothing appealing in the...
  19. Bizon17

    Live view quality P3p Photo vs. Video

    Why quality of live view is lower in photo mode than in video mode? I mean If the photo/video slider in Dji Go app is in right position(video) than live view is great. Doesnt mater if recording or not. But If the slider is in left position(photo) than the live view quality decrease...
  20. pounder35

    P3A and Lightbridge

    I've been searching the archives and find a lot of previous Q&A but can't seem to find the right answer. I've had my P3A for about a month after losing my P2V. Is it necessary to buy additional equipment to take advantage of Lightbridge? I'm drone broke right now and can't afford much more...