1. D D S


    ULTIMAXX 7 PC FILTER KIT For Mavic Pro UV Lens Filter CPL Lens Filter ND4 Lens Filter ND8 Lens Filter ND16 Lens Filter Available in discounted price only in $7.99 with free shipping. https://djidroneservice.com/product/ID512C68/ DDS [email protected]
  2. M

    Cleaning Dirty Lense Phantom 4

    I recently cleaned out my prop motors and gimbal on my Phantom 4 because I was forced to land on a dirt path and it felt like there was dirt grinding around when I moved the gimbal up and down. I contacted a drone repair store and asked how to safely clean the gimbal. He suggested I rinse it...
  3. Uncle_Ronald


    Is it worth to get a new lens? does it change much? if so what lenses do you reccomend?
  4. A

    Getting message "Lens not connected" - any fixes?

    We just opened our drone and we get a message "lens not connected". I contacted DJI and they suggested IMU and gimbal calibration which I did, then restarted the drone and we still get the same message. Any suggestions on how to fix this or do you think it is a hardware issue and drone needs to...
  5. T

    Camera Lens Loose After Repair

    I got my drone back about 2 weeks ago after a long long long repair process. I also brought a ND filter to be ready when the drone arrived back. When I got the drone I flew it a few times with the normal lens and everything was good and normal. I went to change the lens to the ND filter and as...
  6. Green Phantom

    Britains Swizzels Sweets Factory / Mill in 2.7k - Really proud of this

    Hi Everyone I have made a video for Swizzels Sweets factory in England. They are Britain's largest Family owned confectionery company and i am proud to to produced this video. I spent a lot of time making this fairly short video and used some new angles and features which i had not done yet so...
  7. Green Phantom

    Improve Your Footage with a CPL Lens/Filter

    Hi I have done a review of a CPL lens/filter for the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. But you could get this type of lens for any Phantom. This was something i have been advised to buy a few times to help aid the camera when facing toward the sun to reduce the glare. This may be of interest to others...
  8. IMG_1214


    P4P Polaar Pro Gimbal Guard and Lens Cover
  9. nodecks

    Camera Lens Blemish

    I recently noticed a feint orb-like blemish appearing in all the photos and videos taken with my P3P. On examination of the lens of the camera, I spotted a tiny smudge bang in the centre of the globe-like lens. I have tried very hard to remove it but can't. I believe the lens must have a smudge...
  10. R

    at Carson CA factory, how long / ProHelp vs. ProDiscuss?

    Case AcceptedJan/23/2017 13:00:15 ReceivedFeb/02/2017 18:38:35 Conducting Damage Assessment It will take 1 working day to conduct damage assessment. Please wait patiently. Quotation Repair Shipment P4P+, sent body+gimbal only, misaligned lens, less than month old; only one day to assess if...
  11. J

    Lens protector - to prevent scratches?

    I was wondering if anyone uses a lens protector either something like the tempered glass you stick on phones to protect or something like those filters you stick on (except normal)?? Just been out a few times and often get bits on the lens and end up wiping with a glasses cloth - I am just...
  12. J

    Glare and clarity issues

    I am not a photographer and barely into drone flying. I shot a video (link below) where the clouded sun was facing the camera lens at about 15 seconds in. The subject of this video (a train locomotive) was then dark and lower clarity than I felt it should be. Should I get a lens filter to...
  13. W

    NDVI lens swap for DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ - peau productions

    Hi, I was looking at installing and NDVI lens from peau productions into my existing vision+ camera body. I was wondering if anyone had tried this and what kind of results they had got. They show you how to install it here: My plan was to use Pix4D to process the images - and QGIS to do...
  14. gringorio

    Mavic Zoom Lens

    I did a search for this here but did not find any info. According to this video the Mavic camera can zoom in on subjects. Here's the review and at 6:44 he goes over the zoom function: Granted, it is a digital zoom, but in my opinion (if the image quality is good) this is a great feature...
  15. B

    P3S vs P3A Field of View - Not the same!

    I recently bought a P3S, and tried it out. I was surprised at how great the flight characteristics and gimbal were, but also at how terrible the range was - I was getting constant video cutouts and interference warnings at ~100m in wide open parkland in suburbia. I looked into firmware, antenna...
  16. W

    Gigapixels pano with P4

    I would like to create a gigapixel panorama with my phantom 4. The problem is the lens. To create a nice gigapixel pano you need a program like Litchi, a software like ICE but also a lens with a narrow FOV. The stock lens is 94 degrees fov which is perfect for flying but not to create...
  17. M

    Has anyone opened/disassembled the Phantom 3 Standard (P3S) camera?

    There is a speck of dust inside the camera of my P3S. I see that in the other models, you can unscrew the camera filter, but not on the P3S. Has anyone disassembled the Standard camera? Do I have a good chance of removing the speck of dust if I open the back, or is the lens a sealed unit...
  18. S

    Phantom 4 Lens Correction Profiles

    I have made lens correction profiles for the P4. There is one for Raw and one for JPG. I don't know how well the chromatic aberration or vignetting model will work since I didn't have professional lighting but the geometric distortion should work well. The P4 doesn't have much geometric...
  19. DJI Lens Flare

    DJI Lens Flare

    My P3 Pro has had this ugly lens flare since I got it about 9 months ago. whenever its pointed in the direction of the sun i get it. Cleaned the lens many times and it makes no difference. Would like to get more creative photos of sunset or rises but cant with this issue,or is this normal behavior?
  20. S

    Focus test

    I'm not happy with the 'sharpness' of my lens/camera, tested with sharpness settings from -3 till +3, no motors running... also took +/- the same shot with a iPhone 6S plus to compare. I'm new to the Phantom / Dji products and expected a beter image quality. What do you think?