1. E

    Power form USB socket

    Hi all I am looking at putting some lights on my P3A. This will obviously need some power (12 or 5v). The different options I have read about/though of are 1) Open up the bird and patch in somewhere – not too keen on this idea 2) Patch into the battery – there seems to be some...
  2. PhantomHero

    LED props and Folding props for the P3!

    Just wondered if anyone has purchased these and if they work well. LED props for the P3. Just wondering how well they would be balanced with a LED strip on one blade. And if material was removed to fit the LED strip, would they keep the structural integrity? As far as the folding props...I...
  3. F

    Only 3 (of 4!) LEDs flash while charging.

    Dear friends... The radio control of my P3A only turns on 3 of the 4 LEDs when it is charging. The 4th LED does not light up at any time during charging, when the LEDs suddenly switch off, indicating that the charge is complete. When I open the DJI Go app, it appears that the RC battery is only...
  4. Mark3710

    Need power

    I’ve searched everywhere I can think of but can’t find a reliable answer. Is there a relatively simple way to tap into the battery power on any (or all) of the P4 series to power lighting? Also, is the battery voltage different for all the P4’s? Any help will be appreciated.
  5. Mark3710

    Greetings from Arizona

    I'm not a phantom owner yet but wanted to check in here for some help with something I'm developing. Recently I developed a LED lighting system for the 3DR Solo and am modifying it for any other drone including the Phantom series. Below is some information about the system and the...
  6. L

    Startup issues on my p3 advanced

    okay, so basically today was my first time flying my p3 advanced. After some flying i landed on an uneven surface, resulting in it tipping over, and 2 props being stuck in mud. I cut the engine and set it up to fly again. However, upon startup, only 2 engines fired, and only for a fraction of a...
  7. B

    phantom 4 pro led turn off

    Hi, I want to know besides turning off front led,is there any way to turn off all 4 led,or not? thanks,
  8. T

    Unable to Calibrate

    Hi, I've just recently brought an DJI Phantom 2 Vision from eBay, and my attempt to calibrate this device has been unsuccessful several times. When I horizontally calibrate it everything is fine and the led lights turn to green, however when I do it vertically I do not have the same luck. Is...
  9. M

    Compass calibration problem..

    I have a Phantom 2 and have had it since early 2014. Flown hundreds of flights with it and it has always performed perfectly. Mine is in NAZA mode. This weekend, I was flying from an overlook over a huge valley of trees for a while and when i brought it back, I noticed the rear LEDs (which...
  10. Darren_P

    Yellow LED stays on remote P3 Standard

    Hi all, Anyone else had this problem? The LED on my P3S remote seems to be stuck on all the time. I turn the remote to the OFF position and I still have a Yellow/Green LED on. See picture. I have tried letting the remote go flat, tried resetting the WIFI (as advised by DJI). DJI have asked me...
  11. B

    P3A RC Cyan led and not updating

    Hey, I am trying to update my firmware on my RC for the phantom 3 advanced. Currently when i turn on the rc the status led is a cyan color. There also is no sound. The RC version is 1.5.80 and i would like it to go to the latest firmware. The aircraft currently is at the latest firmware. I have...
  12. M

    Better explanation of the LED-lights signals?

    Hey guys! I've been browsing the net for weeks now, but still haven't found what I was looking for.. :-/ What I need, is an explanation for newcomers, on how/what exactly the flashes underneath the propeller, means. I've bought a Phantom 4 some weeks ago, and still can't figure out how to...
  13. AngelPilot4u

    What is insde the bodyshell replacement part No27

    Whats is missing and need to look for after a crash. What inside gthe new bodyshell Phantom 4, Sparepart N27, ada apa di dalam box bodyshell Phantom 4 | Jogjasky
  14. M

    Phantom 3 Parts - including those not available New from DJI

    Phantom 3 Parts - Not available New from DJI. Phantom 3 Parts - Not available New from DJI | Miscellaneous Goods | Gumtree Australia Adelaide Hills - Bridgewater | 1113071271 DJI have decided not to provide full parts support for the Phantom 3 Standard, as a result, the only way to get some of...
  15. JonEQuest

    100 Watt LED Spotlight!!!

    I added a 100 Watt LED to my P3P. It is powered by a 3S 11.1v 2,200mAh lithium battery. I got the LED and 12-36v converter off of Amazon. The other parts are scavenged from other stuff I had laying around. The light is activated by a mercury switch that is attached to my camera. When I point the...
  16. Cameronb1

    Adding a spotlight to a phantom 3 standard?

    Any ideas on adding a LED spot to a P3S? I would like one so i can whizz about our kiwifruit orchard at night and scare all the pesky possums that eat all the fruit. Ok,maybe not for that use, but I would need something bright, and that could be preferably run off of an external battery pack...
  17. S

    Phantom 4 LED light covers and spare parts

    Hey everyone, new to the drone world and forum posting world. I'm missing a LED light cover for my Phantom 4 and wondering where on earth to find replacements? (or do phantom 3 covers match up?). Also looking to keep a few other spare parts on hand for the anticipation of something going wrong...
  18. M

    What do you guys think of my phantom 3 advance led mod

    im just curious what you guys think of this led mod i did just finished it yesterday haven't had a chance to see how much battery if sucks up but on long term flights i wont have it plugged in just for parties and other fun events i was testing it and i had a friend drive about a mile away and...
  19. M

    rgb led help

    so i want to make sure before i buy if this works or doesn't. i want to use rgb led on my dji phantom but im not sure if it will work. the module that adapts batteries of the phantom to (non rgb) led puts out inconsistent voltages (which i was told is normal lipos put out inconsistent voltages)...
  20. E

    dji p3 broken led

    I have broke a led in my dji p3p and can't find a replacement on the Internet, only seeing them ufo type. Can anyone advise me please.