1. dangerd


    H.R.6572 - Countering CCP Drones Act Is making it's way through committees. If this act is made into law, all DJI drones will be banned from the United States. Please write a letter to your house representative if you like flying DJI drones. Stand up for yourself in Congress!
  2. dangerd

    Bad wording for future drone laws!

    Very bad wording from the Tort Law Relating to Drones Act Drafting Committee if this made its way to the final draft then there will be no cameras in the sky at all. I advise everyone to keep an eye on this committee as this is not the first mistake they have put to paper and their work will...
  3. Green Phantom

    NEW Drone LAWS & Rules 2018 - UK

  4. dangerd

    End of hobby flying in USA?

    This committee is going to be the death of hobby flying if not stopped. Where is the AMA at this table? I don't really fly under 336 since getting my 107 but I would like to think that 336 will not be killed off for hobbyist in the future. If you are a hobby flyer, I would be very concerned, and...
  5. O

    California State Parks - Where can you really fly?

    Hi, Since flying drones is not illegal in California State Parks (unless said otherwise in the Park's rules), I've scanned most of the California State Parks website and wrote down any drone reference I could find. Here are the (very sad) results, I hope it will be useful for other drone...
  6. S

    This is why we can't have nice things - Drone nearly hits passenger plane landing in New Zealand

    I was just reading the latest article regarding a near miss of a drone with a commercial airliner. THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS. It's because of the people who think that it's cool to fly drones within 5 meters of an aircraft. Drone operators should have some common sense, no? This is...
  7. M

    South African Laws - Drone Flying

    Hi all, I got my new Phantom 4 and will be going to George/Knysna this coming weekend. I don't have my license yet, what are the rules and regulations for flying in the above mentioned area? Saw a map on, is it safe to fly in the areas with no colour? Of course staying 50m...
  8. J

    Costa Rica New Law?

    HI Everyone - I understand there are some threads on the site on this, however, none really have answered a couple of questions I have (now that the law has officially started). The site is in Spanish and unfortunately I took Latin in high school so I'm a little out of luck in...
  9. Newt59

    Political Action

    Guys, Just tonight I heard on Fox News XM some very disturbing news. The FAA is looking at letting local governments place restrictions on flights below 200 feet. First responders have the ability to disable drones and more and more states are allowing use of the technology. A government...
  10. Supermofo

    Corfu / Greek laws for recreational safe and sensible drone use???

    Title pretty much says what I'm looking to find out... Got a trip booked for Sept and thought about taking P3A for some genuine landscape photography etc.. nothing dangerous, just some safe use away from people with line of site etc.. Basically everything that should be done when flying a...
  11. jlazz447

    (Need Advice) Commercial Shoot of Private Property

    Hello All! I have a difficult question I was hoping someone could shed some light on for me... I was recently contacted by a production company that wanted to use my drone video they saw online for part of a episode in their upcoming television show. The video was taken about a year ago and...
  12. Phil Tuggle

    Proposed US Federal Reg? Give Cities added power up to 200 ft AGL?

    Please tell me I am reading this incorrectly, if you know the facts... One of our greatest heroes in helping to remove despotic and nonsensical drone regulations is Brenden Schulman, right? He worked on - and won - a couple of landmark cases when things were just getting started, and now he...
  13. M

    Need Help... Im flying to Peru, Columbia & Dominican Republic. I dont know what I need from a legal

    Im going on a trip to South America thus flying to the following countries : Peru, Columbia and Dominican Republic. I just had a panic attack when i did a quick search for if by any chance any countries banned them and saw page loads of regulations and whatnots. Im asking here if anyone knows...
  14. J

    Worth Owning a Drone in California

    Hey Guys, I am thinking about picking up a Mavic Pro soon but wondering if it's truly worth it given all the restrictions flying around the Bay Area and other California areas. The rules seem to be quite confusing. Would love if anyone had some more details on this. I would love to pack up the...
  15. microraptor

    Trouble flying local.

    I went to my local lake today (curwensville, pa.) The lady at the booth said I could no longer fly my phantom there because the army of engineering Corp had a meeting and denied drone usage there. I have my part 107. It's actually a man made dam. So my question is can they stop me by law....I...
  16. S

    Flying at Circular Quay, Sydney

    So today I got to fly my drone at the Sydney Opera House. I had done all my research but apparently it is restricted airspace according to the on-site security. I proceeded to tell him that it is restricted airspace at the tip of the Opera House all the way up the harbour and this is "Special...
  17. J

    Statement to US Senate from DJI

    Hello, I saw this on Twitter and thought you guys would be interested. It is very intriguing and has me excited about the future! It is a prepared statement for the US senate from DJI...
  18. tml4191

    Why drone taxis are bad for the drone community...Article/Pics

    PopUp: Hybrid Drone Taxi -The Future Is In The Air - WeTalkUAV
  19. R

    Chicago Ordinance Still A Bit Vague....?

    Hey everyone. New member here and relatively new drone owner / operator. If interested in what I pulled for any laws or ordinances, see attached files. Appears to still be a bit vague. I called information at 311 and was transferred to the police at KORD. Neither contact had any information...
  20. rickray

    Drone confiscated, arrested, put on trial, found guilty, never visit this country!

    Hello flyers. Below is the story of my arrest by corrupt customs agents in the tiny country of Macedonia (north of Greece). People with drones in their luggage are being targeted by corrupt customs police as the resale value within the country is up to 5 times the retail value. This is the...