1. D

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard: Range is less than 200 feet, Constant Connection Issues

    I'm having several problems that may all be related: I experience "signal lost" status and RTH kicks in whenever I fly about 200 feet away. I constantly have "Strong Interference: Fly With Caution" no matter where I fly (city or rural). I almost always have either "Weak Image Transmission" or...
  2. A

    Photo lag with 4 Pro

    When I'm in the camera mode with my 4 Pro and the camera set at 1/500th shutter speed when I take a photo of a moving train while looking FPV I don't get that exact image I saw. What is this lag called ? digital ? or am I spoiled by my DSLR. any ideas on correcting. Thanks, agrafton
  3. M

    Severe video lag P3SE

    hello, I’ve posted a while ago a problem with my P3SE, That my video feed has a delay in it and sometimes a delay for over 20 sec/framefreeze. I’m currently in South Africa recording with my drone. But keep having the problem with the delay. So filming is a pain! Anyone any ideas? I’ve...
  4. M

    P3SE severe lag

    hi, I recently bought a P3SE and love it so far. But when taking it for a flight yesterday I experienced alot of lag (video). even some disconnects when flying about 30M away. So not far at all. Anyone else having the same problem? I have a Iphone 6s so should be no problem!
  5. J

    Terrible video lag - P4P and Galaxy Tab S

    I finally got my P4P out for its first flights today. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. All firmware is up to date. I'm experiencing a video lag time of about 35 seconds, which obviously makes it impossible to record any kind of usable video. The video feed is of good quality, just way...
  6. Lugh23

    4-5 Second Delay From Camera to Monitor/Screen Any Ideas?

    Hi all, this is my first post. I bought my PS-SE back in June and the manual etc was in Chinese as it wasn't released outside China yet. It still worked great and is stable but there is lagging about 4-5 seconds between camera and my screen. I used a Samsung Galaxy phone and had the problem so I...
  7. N

    Help: Low Video Quality Suddenly

    Hello! I need some help with my Phantom 3 Standard. I've had it for 6 months from new with no problems, then suddenly the video quality reduced dramatically. I have two examples for reference (though keeping in mind vimeo knocked the quality down): Normal video quality: Recent video quality...
  8. ImJim

    Constant FPV lag - First flight with 1.11.20 FW

    Hey, Looks like I have new problems every new summer! I'm posting on my boat right now. Just finished an awful P3A flight above the sea... before going to vacation, I properly updated the bird to FW 1.11.20 + batteries + remote. So I started the bird on a flat rock in the middle of the sea, and...
  9. N

    Possible Video Downlink Fix for P4P

    Note: this ONLY applies to the downlink video and NOT the video recorded on the onboard Card Having experienced horrible lag, complete loss of image and green screen with a P4P+ I returned it (Amazon returns are totally, absolutely 100% trouble free by the way) and got the non-plus P4P It was...
  10. T

    Is the FC40 P1 a "dead end" ? need suggestions upgrade or replacement path

    I got an FC40 as a gift - I really like flying it, but I'm finding the built in camera to be very limited in range and so laggy that it is useless for FPV... How would you guys fix this? I want to fly FPV and do basic aerial photography with my go-pro.. AS far as I can tell most FPV...
  11. tml4191

    p4p c2 red light lag

    Already posted a thread on DJI's forum, but does anyone else have this problem? The red light didn't even respond under the c2 trigger when it was up in the air the other day, but it later worked, so here's a video of the p4p inside. The real lag can be seen towards the end of the video at...
  12. W

    Video lag after calibration

    I have got P3P and for now, I'm very satisfied with it, however, for some reason, when I do the calibration on my drone, I get a huge video lag about 6 seconds, when I reboot the drone and the RC it disappears. The device that I'm using is Sony Xperia M2 (I'm aware that this is an older...
  13. B

    DJI GO APP LAG, Anyway to control camera via controller?

    With the new update from a few days ago, my app now lags as long as minute and even longer. Ex. I try to press record on the app via iPhone and it doesn't respond for a minute.. sometimes longer. ideas? Any way to operate using strictly the controller? -brandon
  14. Y

    Please Help-Image Transmission always lag during flight

    Guys i need your help, my phantom 3 adv always show warning lost signal during flight, but the aircraft still under control. if the warning lost signal showed, the image in my smartphone going grey and stop, but the aircraft still can controlled. another trouble is when i try to direct gimbal...
  15. ImJim

    Is FW 1.9 stable and safe?

    Hey, Just got rid of a really annoying USB module issue on my controller, and my P3A is now ready to fly. I'm running the latest version, 1.9, and 1.6 for the controller. I'm impatient to fly again, something I didn't do for a YEAR now. :( So, I'd just like to know if people here had any...
  16. A

    Panning problem

    Hello, I have a problem with the video (when seeing it at home) when I pan. It lags like when you play a game that your computer can´t handle. Can´t find anything like it on youtube...
  17. E

    lag in liveview

    hello I have a severe video lag in liveview. does anyone has experienced this i´m running ios 9.3.2 iphone6 dji go 2.8.3 rc is 1.6 the problem is only in live view if anyone knows how to fix this video lag i would be very thankfull, because i dont feel comfortable with this. thanks in advance
  18. P

    Massive video lag. Poor video signal

    I have not used my phantom 3 advanced for over 6 months. Installed firmware update V01.090060.bin yesterday and had a practise flight today ready for an event on Sunday. Not good! video streaming breaking up - over half a second video lag which felt very disorienting for me and even...
  19. B

    Live Feed Lagging BADLY

    Guys, I've been having serious lag on my live feed for a couple weeks. It gets worse each flight. I have everything updated, and it gets worse. I was flying on an iPhone 5C, and thought that was the issue so I bought a high-powered tablet, which is even worse. I test flew with a friend's iPhone...
  20. b2photo

    Autoflight Logic Autopilot Video Lag

    Hello everyone...this is my first post on here but have been reading a lot since I got my drone a month ago. Lot of great info on here so thanks! I have the Phantom 3 Advanced. I just started using Autoflight Logic's Autopilot App after getting comfortable flying via DJI Go. However, I'm...