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  1. A

    DJI phantom 3 pro won’t connect to the app

    So I’ve experienced the infamous (controller connects to the drone but does not connect to the app) issue. I’ve done ALL of the troubleshooting options that DJI gave me. I’m thinking that the issue is in the usb board on the back of the controller. I ordered and new board on amazon. I think it’s...
  2. skolsky

    Alcatel One Touch Pixi3 - DJI GO

    Hi All, I have been using Iphone/Ipad for DJI go with P3SE but after doing the FCC mod I want to use a dedicated android tablet so that I can fly using 3.1.18 version of Go rather than just being able to use Litchi. My local CEX shop has a used Alcatel One Touch Pixi3 in stock in good...
  3. Allen B

    DJI Go shows full telemetry but will not talk to aircraft

    A very strange thing has developed with my P3P and the Go app. I took the bird out about 3 weeks ago for a fly and all was well. Put all away for few couple of weeks. Yesterday I was going to do some flying so I went through a pre-check. Batteries full, aircraft connected, full telemetry...
  4. Chuck1906

    Cached Local Files - Go App

    This morning I was getting a failed sync when I tried to save my flight records to the cloud. Once I cleared the cache, I hit sync again and it was successful. Now that I know how to locate my Flight Records on the Crystal Sky in the Internal Memory, is there a way I can locate the files that I...
  5. Chuck1906

    Missing Flight Records…Crystal Sky - Go App.

    I did some flying on December 7th and I flew two batteries that day. When I pulled up the flight records in the Go App on my C.S., I am only seeing the flight from the one battery and not the other. How can this be? I have been using the DJI feature to sync my flight records to the cloud right...
  6. B

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro Go app has "No Signal"

    Been struggling with my new Phantom 4 Pro for the past five days, the GO app would drop the video, display "No Signal" or just lock up completely. I never expected that the new tablet or software was not working correctly, I was thinking operator error! After reading your forum, I grabbed my...
  7. A

    I have vision problems and don't have a tablet can you use a lap top computor to see the DJI Go App

    Hi I'm a new member and also this is my first forum post. I recently purchased the DJI P3S as I have been into R/C and electronics for years as a profession and hobby. I have in the last few years had an industrial accident and some health issues cause vision problems. The DJI Go app seams to be...
  8. R

    Retrieve Flight Records and Retroactively Create Flight Logs ?

    So, I have been flying for many years since before "GoApps", etc. But, I have only been a 107 Pilot for 6 months. Now that I understand the FAA importance of keeping accurate flight records I have been doing this meticulously ever since. What I would like to do is somehow utilize the...
  9. T

    Problems with DJI GO APP ver. 3.1.5

    Hi! I have the DJI GO APP 3.1.5, RC fw 1.8.0 and P3P fw 1.10.90. But the app just crash almost all the time. When I get it work it sometimes just stop working. When I press the record button on the RC it just freeze. Have anybody the same problems? Or have anyone a solution on this problem?
  10. Chuck1906

    What is your workaround if the Go App won't let you fly?

    This question is more for those of us with the Remote Pilot in Command license. It hasn't been an issue yet for me but I am curious to see what other people are doing if you are a licensed pilot and you are flying in a location that the Go App won't allow you to take off. What do you do? Those...
  11. Stevie_UK

    Firmware, Go, and P4

    Due to work and weather I've not flown for probably 2 months now, and that brought me to looking at all the updates that have taken place since then. What's the safest P4 firmware, Controller firmware and Go version I should be using? I'm seeing reports of low range, birds flipping and powering...
  12. Arbutus

    Go app on P4Pro+ ?

    I would like to use DroneDeploy for mission data collection with a P4Pro+ with the built-in display. It appears that the app only runs on a smartphone so I'm wondering if it is possible to link an iPhone to the controller and bypass the built-in display temporarily.
  13. martin b

    dji go app latest version

    got my p3pro 4 weeks ago, installed latest version of go app, and in trying to change from 4k to 1080 i find no option to do it. every screenshot of every video i see shows the earlier pilot app that looks nothing like my screen..i am new, but can usually sort out trying to solve things on my...
  14. Bobby

    Questions for Samsung Galaxy S4 or Ipad gen 4 users:

    So, I'm excited to get my hands on a p3 advanced soon, seeing as how I'm coming from a p1 fc40. Anyhow, I've been doing a lot of research and I got really worried when I found out that I wouldn't be able to fly at all according to the approved device lists. Since all I have is the two...
  15. SoCalDude

    DJI GO v3.1.1 Released for iOS (2016-12-05)

    DJI GO v3.1.1 was released today for iOS. I'm not sure about Android, but I would assume it was available before the Apple app store released this.
  16. W

    Retaining Go settings/configurations

    Does anyone know if you delete the Go app and reinstall it under iOS are all the settings and configuration details retained? If the answer is 'No' is there a way of saving the config data to reload somehow?
  17. Hilon

    iOS 10 compatibility and Go APP

    Hi.. Rased a query with DJI in respect of the Go App and the latest iOS 10 upgrade which I have not installed as yet. This was their reply. 'Dear Lewis, Thank you for contacting DJI Support. As far as I know there are no issue, (I have an IPAD 3 mini myself on IOS 10 and it works perfectly)...
  18. Andrewandron

    Where is the "Flight Path Drawings" button gone to?

    when I first got my P3P back in Jan '16, there was a button to click on the screen of the Go App right between the "land" button and "take off" button that looked like a pen scribbling. When you clicked it, you could draw a flight path or boundary lines or whatever with your finger on the map...
  19. swoot

    DJI Go App - tips, tricks, reviewing flight stat data?

    Apologies if this is covered in another thread, but I'm looking for a guide on using the Go App, specifically the flight stats using the editor. I'd like to understand more about the syncing and what can be achieved with the editor? Thanks in advance.
  20. Skyler King III

    No map showing on DJI Go and Litchi ? (I'm a newbie)

    Please forgive my ignorance in advance. I am an actual airplane pilot (not by profession) and a disabled war vet. My hobbies included photography. The VA has suggested my exploring drone piloting/photography as a "new" occupation for me as therapy for my PTSD. And I will admit, when I'm...