gimbal disconnected

  1. R

    Please help with p3p no gimbal connection

    I have a Phantom 3 Professional that when its on give me a D-D, D-D beeping, tried to install latest firmware and didn't take. On the app it shows that the gimbal is disconnected. For a while I had no image coming from the camera but I now have video transmission but no gimbal control. Also when...
  2. H

    P3 pro shows "gimbal not connected" camera slumped and pointing down

    When P3 starts the camera swirls as normal then after about 30 sec slumps and points down. No camera or camera control. RC shows Gimbal disconnected. Tried controller reset button (no go)
  3. P

    Aircraft Disconnected, Aircraft Battery temp n/a, gimbal disconnected

    My phantom 3 standard started acting up. I recently replaced the ribbon when all of this started happening. On the DJI Go app it says that the aircraft is disconnected. Also when I go into the status it says that the aircraft battery is N/A. And that the gimbal is disconnected. I went through...
  4. P

    Aircraft Disconnected/Gimbal Disconnected/Battery Temperature N/A

    Hey guys! I just unbox my new drone, flew it once, charged the battery, was going to fly it again but then it said the following "Aircraft disconnected, Gimbal Disconnected, Battery Temperature N/A" I have no idea what's going on. Help? The green dot in the gimbal is on.
  5. Kara Murphy

    Gimbal Disconnected on Phantom 4

    Hi All, My gimbal disconnected on my Phantom 4 and I sent it into DJI Repair Center thinking that it was a cable ribbon issue. I have a Phantom 4 Pro now too but wanted to use the P4 for riskier (like flying over water) shots. They sent it back and the gimbal is still disconnected. I looked at...
  6. V

    Standard Problem "Gimbal disconnected" and restart

    Goodmorning everyone! I'm new in the forum and I bought a phantom 3 standard with an error: Gimbal Disconnected, after upgrading to 1.8.10 firmware. The drone is perfect and does everything in its place. Unfortunately in the process of ignition me from the mistakes that I communicated to you...
  7. S

    Gimble Disconnected, No image transmission signal, etc.

    Hello. Thank you for having a look at my problem. I have a Phantom 4, two months old. Never had any flying issues before, never crashed, and no rough handling. Today I took it out for a flight and immediately as the aircraft was warming up I received a message saying there was a firmware...
  8. G

    Gimbal Disconnected

    I charged my battery this weekend because I was expecting to do some flying. I never got to it, so I went to my backyard today to run out the battery. To my surprise, I receive a message saying "Gimbal Disconnected". When I power on the phantom, the gimbal does it start-up sequence and does...
  9. F

    "no image transmission signal" - "aircraft disconnected" after 1.flight

    Really appreciated if someone could help: - 1.flight out of the box was fine, forced me to do RC update and then I did aircraft update also - now I can't connect as dji app go says "aircraft disconnected" and under setting "gimbal disconnected" Almost tried everything - nothing helped -...
  10. B

    P3P video got glitchy then gimbal disconnected (video)

    So i have been using my bird without issue until NOW. Before this happened i landed it quite hard. Nothing broke but it was definitely a harder than normal landing. Today i went to take it out and noticed the video feed was slightly glitchy. So i took it outside and only went up about 40m. Hit...
  11. SweatpantsDroner

    Well, I had an accident and now having a few issues...

    I guess it was inevitable... I was out flying and had the auto-land feature taking over and during the process the my Phantom 3 Pro tipped over, breaking the propeller blades. I have an extra set, so thats not a big problem. However, when I go to turn it on the gimbal status says "Gimbal...
  12. M

    Advanced Gimbal Disconnected

    I last used my P3 in Oct and it worked fine; I've had it since June 2015 and it's never crashed, been dropped, gotten wet, etc. The other day I wanted to take it out, before doing so I turned all the parts on (RC, Ipod, P3) to ensure everything was working. Everything powered on fine with the...
  13. Y

    Advanced Gimbal Status: Gimbal Disconnected

    Where do I start? Big story: 1. Crashed my Phantom 3 Advanced and broke the gimbal yaw arm, cracked the hull and cut a few wires. 2. Bought new hull, complete wire kit (waited to replace these, see that it works and then buy new gimbal 3. Replaced top and bottom hull, replaced all cut wires 4...