Dec 7, 2015
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I charged my battery this weekend because I was expecting to do some flying. I never got to it, so I went to my backyard today to run out the battery. To my surprise, I receive a message saying "Gimbal Disconnected". When I power on the phantom, the gimbal does it start-up sequence and does all of its rotations. After a short time, the gimbal goes limp and there is transmission to my phone. I have a Phantom 3 Professional and I believe all firmware is up to date. I did update my controller firmware prior to the flight, I am not sure if that has anything to do with it.... Any suggestions as to what to do helps. I do not want to just send it in to DJI right away because of all the nightmare customer service stories.
Unplug the cables that's connected to the gimbal board. Inspect and reinsert firmly.
I am having the same problem. I can see the video but its almost "Greyed" out or blurry and although the gimbal is stable I cant move it with the wheel. I didn't have a hard landing and this happened about 1.5 weeks ago. When I try to update my firmware it fails. I opened a ticket with DJI to send it back but hoping somebody has the fix. I am afraid to unplug cables on the gimbal. But I checked them and they all looked seated.
Phantom 3 Professional Firmware v1.10.90 just updated to this version when all was completed I got a message from the app telling me no video transmission and showing gimbal disconnected. The problem was down to household Wi-Fi interference moved P3P away from source everything fine despite nearly giving me a dam heart attack with that false message.

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