1. D D S


    ULTIMAXX 7 PC FILTER KIT For Mavic Pro UV Lens Filter CPL Lens Filter ND4 Lens Filter ND8 Lens Filter ND16 Lens Filter Available in discounted price only in $7.99 with free shipping. DDS [email protected]
  2. Uncle_Ronald


    Is it worth to get a new lens? does it change much? if so what lenses do you reccomend?
  3. achatzis

    Sunrise - Sunset angles, missions tip!

    Hello, shooting video against the sun it is not so easy, the use of expensive filters or shooting having the camera heading set in a specific angle can help and of course can bring great results. But, having the sun at the back gives you great results as well and with less effort. Any way...
  4. I

    The New PolarPro app is awesome

    Polar pros New app version on iOS is nothing short of awesome! ND filter selection, KP Chart, weather, wind, golden time timer... A must for every drone flyer.... and its free,,,
  5. R

    SRP filter trouble again

    Well, 7g in extra wight from a SRP ND8 filter "is to heavy". Besides, as read in many threads here in the forum, the cover ring is two tight for success, so I decided to use only the filter glass, original filter glass with the DJI P4 pro glass. Just a difficult question I have to find the...
  6. Not A Speck Of Cereal

    Changing Lens Filter Etiquette

    Hey all, I got some new lens filters and was down at the park testing them out, taking shots to compare to the old filters, etc. Another UAV enthusiast came up to chat. When I brought the craft down and set it on the table to unscrew one filter and screw on another, he asked why I was messing...
  7. Green Phantom

    Improve Your Footage with a CPL Lens/Filter

    Hi I have done a review of a CPL lens/filter for the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. But you could get this type of lens for any Phantom. This was something i have been advised to buy a few times to help aid the camera when facing toward the sun to reduce the glare. This may be of interest to others...
  8. H

    P4P Official DJI ND Filter Test Video 4K

    Video test of DJI's official ND8 filter for the Phantom 4 Pro with side-by-side comparison without the filters. The ND filter did help create a more cinematic look by allowing a slower shutter speed which added a natural motion blur, while letting me keep the aperture at the sharpest setting...
  9. Z


    Any idea if switching the stock UV filter that comes with the Phantom 4 Pro for Polar Pro UV filter will get better results when shooting towards the sun? They say "The PolarPro UV filter is multi-coated to help reduce lens flaring when shooting into the sun.". The way it's written it comes off...
  10. J

    Glare and clarity issues

    I am not a photographer and barely into drone flying. I shot a video (link below) where the clouded sun was facing the camera lens at about 15 seconds in. The subject of this video (a train locomotive) was then dark and lower clarity than I felt it should be. Should I get a lens filter to...
  11. tml4191

    Is there a PL/CPL filter that can slip onto a p4/p3 polarpro ND filter?

  12. tml4191


  13. SoCalDude


    {since I didn't know how to delete a post (especially a thread-starting post), I'm pseudo-deleting this thread until an admin can cleanly remove it}
  14. Noble 1

    For Sale Phantom 4 with LOTS of UPGRADES $999

    This has been sold. Thanks for looking. Phantom 4 Quadcopter - excellent condition Controller with Range Extender Charger & 2 Batteries Mint Cinema Series Polar Pro ND & Polarizer kit Mint Taco ND filter kit Tablet/Phone sunshade Extended Landing gear LowPro CS DroneGuard Backpack...
  15. Skyler King III

    Polarizing filter...How to attach?

    I bought a polarization filter that says it's for Phantom 3/4. How does it attach? (I feel like an idiot asking this) ; )
  16. E

    Phantom 3S camera filters

    I am looking for camera filters that can be used on the P3S. I purchased some from Amazon but when I installed them they were too heavy. The camera cannot stay upright. I went back and read the reviews and many others had the same problem. I should have read the reviews first! LOL Anyway...
  17. W

    ND 4-16 or 16-64 filters?

    As title reads, I am looking for NDs for my P3P. I have the PolarPro in mind, mainly because I haven't really looked for anything else and want something with what seems to be a proven track record. However the question is, what is the better set of ND's to get for video? The 4-8-16 ND pack, or...
  18. R

    Which Phantom 3 Professional filter and polarizer?

    Hey guys! Just wondering if this is a good filter set. Also if it's good that each filter is polarized. Other Neewer products have pretty good reviews. I know polar pro is leading brand but it's a bit pricey for what you get in my opinion. Let me know what you guys think! ...
  19. jamesb72

    P3 - CPL filter tips to rotate/set best position ?

    I ordered a slip on Circular Polarised filter which came today, and fits really nicely, What I'm not sure about is how to know the best angle to position it, as obviously it can vary from fully blocking to open as you rotate it. Do people look through the filter held in fingers at the likely...
  20. D

    Polar Pro Phantom 3 Filter Pack

    Brand new Polar Pro filter pack for the phantom 3. I got this for Christmas but sold my drone. Never been used. I think I may actually be able to just return these for full refund but I'm putting them on here in the mean time. PL1 Polarizer ND4 ND8 New in box. $50 Shipped.