P3 - CPL filter tips to rotate/set best position ?

Nov 16, 2013
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Somerset, UK
I ordered a slip on Circular Polarised filter which came today, and fits really nicely,

What I'm not sure about is how to know the best angle to position it, as obviously it can vary from fully blocking to open as you rotate it.

Do people look through the filter held in fingers at the likely scene and rotate to find best position for that time/day then slide onto camera at that position, or is there a std position you stick with, ie mark the filter top fully blocked (or some proportion?) and stick with that every time?

Any tips would be great as I'm completely new to CPL filters !!
I can't see how they can be used effectively on a quadcopter unless you go up and take a more or less set scene.
With a still camera as you noted you more or less twiddle it round until the effect is pleasing.
The 'best' position depends a lot on the angle of sunlight in your scene, and if it's not set up right the results can be pretty bad.
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The polarization does not effect the whole image scene because of the wide field of view. For this reason, I never use CP lens on my wide angle DSLR lens. But I decided to try one on my P3A and sure enough, there are inconsistent colour bands in the sky where it transitions out of the polarization. I only use ND filters now for video.

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