1. P

    Phantom 1 FC40 transmitter...

    I saw a Youtube video where on the FC40 turn transmitter around and at the bottom right on back of transmitter is 2 hole, take a screwdriver and top hole turn clockwise and that will increase the range and afterwards turn transmitter off then back on again and it should beep twice instead of...
  2. D

    Signal lost during flight

    Hey, I have a Phantom FC40 and today I flew my drone but I've encountered a problem. Before I started the flight, the transmitter blinked with red LED rapidly and there was a rapid beeps from the transmitter's buzzer, I re-activated the transmitter and then the beeps stopped and the LED showed...
  3. D

    New Motor/Prop Help

    Hi Guys, new here...If only I knew about this place before yesterday ;o) So I made the infamous mistake of using the prop guard screws without the guards, all 4 motors are shot. So I ordered T-Motor antiGravity! MN2214 V3.0 because they seemed to be popular on youtube. 1. are these a good...
  4. Ozzy

    ISO FC40 camera

    Got a used fc40 on CL but the camera is wrecked. Anybody have one laying around to spare?
  5. J

    FC40 and DJ6 transmitter

    Well.. I finally decided to step up from the little $30 toys and get a Phantom. I found an FC40 on ebay but it did not have a transmitter. I purchased a DJ6 Transmitter separately and come to find out, they will not bind :( Should I attempt to swap the transmitter receiver on the board to a...
  6. D

    P3 FC40 video disappeared

    Hello, Yesterday I flew my drone Phantom 3 FC-40 while the camera was recording after that I went a little bit too far and I lost contact with the camera eventually I managed to safely land it but when I tried to see the video it didn't exist, there was enough space on the SD card but what I...
  7. D

    Phantom FC-40 Unknown socket

    Hello, I have Phantom DJI FC 40 and there is a socket at the bottom of the drone that I don't recognize and I Don't know what is purpose. Can you tell me more about it?
  8. T

    Is the FC40 P1 a "dead end" ? need suggestions upgrade or replacement path

    I got an FC40 as a gift - I really like flying it, but I'm finding the built in camera to be very limited in range and so laggy that it is useless for FPV... How would you guys fix this? I want to fly FPV and do basic aerial photography with my go-pro.. AS far as I can tell most FPV...
  9. T

    Fitting go pro hero 3 to FC40-1

    Hi not sure if this has been asked before Apologies if it has I have a phantom FC40-1 and I'd like to fit my GoPro hero3 to it, with wifi dongle etc, is this possible? If so does anyone know the best mounts to use etc?
  10. Newbe

    Brought carbon blades

    Hi all, I brought Carbon blades that say they are compatible with my fc40 and the CW blade does not fit too small cannot screw on. Please help
  11. Prowler

    FC40 with Xtras - SOLD

    FC40 Phantom: works great, comes with many Xtra batteries, 2 chargers, Propeller protectors, Timer, wireless smart camera with 720p/30fps HD video for FPV flying. Modded to hold 2 batteries or one Xtra large battery for xtra flight time. Comes Ready to Fly. To fly FPV You need a phone or tablet...
  12. F

    FC40 not connecting to controller

    Hello! I recently purchased a (used) FC40 without battery, so i had to buy a new one. The connectors inside the aircraft needed soldering because some of the insulation on one of the wires to the battery was gone. I tested the aircraft with a battery, it connected successfully to the...
  13. D

    Great Shape Phantom FC40 in Great Condition With Extras!!

    DJI Phantom FC40 with Accessories
  14. E

    Improve Fc40 camera night video

    Hi is there anything i can mod to improve night flying. The FPV camera on the FC40 is terrible thanks
  15. E

    Is there anyway i can connect the FC40 camera on the RE700 wifi extender?

    Hi Is there anyway i can connect the FC40 camera on the RE700 wifi extender? thanks
  16. Rockdweller

    DJI Phantom FC40 for sale

    DJI Phantom FC40
  17. B

    DJI FC40 Flip

    I have recently replaced the main board because of an issue with the 5V regulator. All ESC's have been soldered in the same manner in which the original unit was. The motors spin up (test and active flight) without fault. The problem begins when I begin to take off. I will apply two thirds...