1. A

    Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 crashed mid-flight

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to find out the exact cause of a sudden fall mid-flight. This was not my drone. I repair drones since 2016 (1000+ repaired drone) and I have some experience in analyzing log files with csvview and airdata but I think I can learn more. I cannot find any clue in the...
  2. G

    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 Pro link with rc fail, firmware?

    Phantom 3 Pro Good morning, I get in touch with you because I do not know what to do anymore. I tell you: the drone fell, not of a high altitude, if a couple of pieces related to the gimbal came out, that I could recover and reassemble, after that, I was able to fly 2 or 3 more times until it...
  3. rickeyfitts

    Another RC Bricked by DJI's firmware update - NO OPTIONS?!

    (cross-posted on DJI forum) I am trying very hard to remain civil, but after two months of not being able to use my P3P I'm kinda upset. I am a FAA 107 licensed remote pilot with 350+ flights on my P3P with a GL300B RC . I've always kept my firmware updated to the latest version. The last...
  4. tml4191

    Drone Pinata Fail to Learn From!

    Japanese Candy Drone Crashed and Injured Six - WeTalkUAV
  5. DroneTurismo

    Swallowed up by American Flag (my first Fail!)

    I am making a slow motion video of the American Flag for my youtube channel. Perhaps i accidentally descended or the wind blew the flag higher than expected. I had been flying back and forth on this line over 5 minutes before the flag decided to eat the P4! Thank God the remote told me it...
  6. U

    P1 Motors wont start!

    Hi all, ive recently purchased a Phantom 1 as my first DJI product and was having some issues with the motors failing to start up via the controller. i have calibrated it and the compass along with updating it but if i unplug it from the pc after doing a motor test they fail to work at all :S...
  7. D

    ESC Error after obstructed rotor - take a peek at my board?

    Hey everyone, thanks in advanced for any assistance. I have a p3pro that took a topple from a few feet and had its rotor(s) obstructed for a few seconds before i thought to kill it. it started throwing an esc error immediately after and wouldn't take off. I re-calibrated and it seemed to work...
  8. DirkDS

    Phantom 4 suddenly detected as a Phantom 3 Pro by remote / DJI Go?

    Hi, I'm a bit in trouble with my P4's camera live feed... I 've also posted this message on the official DJI forum and created a ticket on DJI's support; but untill today I couldn't find any working solution. I hope someone on this forum recognises the described problem or has a good idea I can...
  9. tml4191

    Fail Army's Drone Fails

  10. LouisQc

    Firmware update has failed... but everything works.

    Hello! This is my first post. First of all, sorry about my poor english level. So, I did the update (bin file: P3S_FW_V01.09.0060). On my SD Card it is indicated Fail (txt file). However, the application update went smoothly and the update of the controller also. No warning at the opening...
  11. kaotic1

    P3 Pro never came back home

    What's up everyone, just trying to see if anyone has experience what I had the displeasure of experiencing this past weekend and find out what could have possibly gone wrong. I am completely sick to my stomach right now with what happened. And DJI's customer service don't even open til tomorrow...
  12. F

    RC update failed, USB not working

    Hi guys, Tried to update the RC to the latest firmware with the GO app. Nothing happened, the 0-100% bar didnt move so after some time I had to shut the RC off to stop it. After I've done this the connection between the RC and the P3 works fine, and I can fly the aircraft. But, I cant connect...
  13. S

    Follow me mode failed

    Hi all, It sucks that my first post to this amazing resource concerns a P3A fail (I should really have posted sooner about all the stoke I've been having until about yesterday!). I've been enjoying my new P3A (except the photo quality which suuuucks because of the blurriness, but that's a...
  14. S

    Brand New P3P-Indoor flight gone wrong-fail

    This may be the most hilarious video I've ever seen. My older brother goes off and buys a brand new Phantom Pro 3. He reads the manuals for a week straight and watches several YouTube videos. He then decides to test it out indoors to get familiar with it. Well, here's the link:
  15. Jaime Ray Vaughn

    Worst Drone Fails of 2015

    Heres an article on Mashable with some interesting vids you may not have seen. Enrique Iglesias learns an important lesson in drone handling. 14 worst drone fails of 2015
  16. dougvg

    Photo modes fail to change occasionally

    Hi all, When I switch from AEB to single shot and vice versa, the mode sometimes fails to change. The RC reacts as though it has changed (5 quick clicks when in AEB, for instance), but the camera only takes a single shot. Also, when I've switched to single shot from AEB, the RC click's once...