1. B

    FAA drone rule changes. Take action now to keep flying!

    Not sure if you have seen it but the FAA have proposed new rules for UAVs that will require remote transponders. This can have many consequences for drone pilots including additional costs and can really harm hobbyist and commercial drone usage. You can find more information and a link to give...
  2. wataero

    Fighting Restrictive Drone Laws - Help from the ACLU

    For those who are battling restrictive drone laws driven by drone hysteria, the ACLU is on your side. The link below references an article that points out that using a drone to take pictures of government activities is a right under the 1st amendment...
  3. TheKestrel

    Latest FAA UAS roadmap

    May be interesting to you?
  4. P

    But is FPV even legal in the US?

    The current FAA regs for recreational drones require VLOS. The Part 107 commercial regs require VLOS. Having just taken the Part 107 exam, I learned that "visual line of sight" means that the drone operator must be able to see the drone while flying. (not using things like visual aids or...
  5. R

    Travel With Drone Guide/Tips, Comprehensive

    Hello fellow flyers! I just finished a light-hearted guide when it comes to travelling with your drone. I split the tips into phases such as preparation, pre-flight and flight just to organize the content a bit better. Feel free to input your own advice so those who are looking to travel may...
  6. D

    For Part 107 Pilots, How Long Before Your Name Showed Up In The FAA Airman Registry?

    Just wondering if anyone has any idea how long it took for their name to show up in the FAA Airman Registry database after passing their Part 107. Or, if it still hasn't shown up, how long has it been since you passed? Thanks for any info!
  7. BigAl07

    April Fools HOAX ~ FAA Extends ADS-B Mandate To 2040

    For those of you who are using FlightRadar24 (or any other app to tell you what "some" of the airtraffic is in your area) you may have a much longer wait ahead of you now. Initially this was slated for 2020 but it's now been pushed back TWO decades. "Conceding that aircraft owners—and even...
  8. D

    I made a Part 107 Pilot density map by State and County, see how your area stacks up.

    Here's a link to the images for the state and county data: Part 107 Pilots by State and County The pilot data is from the FAA and the values have been normalized to the county and state population data from the US census. The pilot data is from 1/1/2018. Maybe not surprisingly, but areas with...
  9. S

    Foreigner take DJI to USA

    On October 25, 2017, the President announced a new initiative that pairs unmanned aircraft operators with state. I wonder after October 25, 2017, can foreigner take drones to USA and fly.I visited the faa website and noticed that for Section 336 there is one : Follow community-based safety...
  10. BigAl07

    NTSB Report is out on Phantom4 vs Blackhawk from Sept 2017

    The Initial report is out and it sounds very accurate. NTSB News Release National Transportation Safety Board Office of Public Affairs Drone Operator Errors Caused Drone, Helicopter Collision 12/14/2017
  11. biznitch15

    The Air Traffic Control Podcast

    What's up fellow pilots! My partner Chris and I are both Air traffic Controllers that fly drones in our spare time, we started a podcast about ATC but we talk about different topics in the aviation industry. Episode 3 we talk a little about Drones. We hope you enjoy and If you do, please...
  12. O

    Rule Making at the FAA

    Interesting questions by Patrick Egan over at suasnews.com here: The FAA Private Rule Making Process - sUAS News - The Business of Drones and I have pasted the article below: ----------------------------------------------- The FAA Private Rule Making Process By Patrick Egan - 8 November...
  13. AirVūz

    Instant Airspace Authorizations

    So.... There is some new NEWS in the Instant Airspace Autorization world. If the FAA has it's way, it could get a lot easier for drones to fly in restricted space. In a federal request, the FAA, says it needs an emergency action, to help process the thousands of requests by drone pilots to fly...
  14. Rayb27

    Trump to Launch Drone Pilot Program for a Neighborhood Near You - Thoughts Anyone?

    Trump to Launch Drone Pilot Program for a Neighborhood Near You Trump to launch drone pilot program for a neighborhood near you Thoughts anyone?
  15. K

    Hobby Rules for Class B Airspace

    All of my searches on this subject turn up with results that (a) predate Taylor, and/or (b) cite to Airspace Restrictions. So post Taylor, what source of law authorizes the FAA to have any rule or regulation treating Class B airspace differently from other areas? Additionally, what...
  16. cut-n-crash

    Two pilots, one drone?

    I want to fly a new drone that I bought for my son. I crashed his original one, which he had registered with the FAA under his name back in December 2016. Now I want to register the new one so that I can fly it and be in compliance. It is his drone though... so will he be legal to fly this...
  17. J

    Airmap and KPIT (Pittsburgh) Class B

    I hold an FAA Part 107 certification, but probably like many who also went through this training, I'm still a bit confused about the complexity of Class B airspaces. Here's an example... I was asked to get a few aerial establishing shots of facility near Pittsburgh. Looking at the charts for...
  18. DroneOnNDP

    San Francisco City Drone Law UAS Filming Policy?

    Do any San Francisco Bay Area commercial 107 pilots in the forum have experience flying a drone in the City of San Francisco proper, under the published rules? I have a potential shoot coming up next month, was looking for war stories, help/advice if any of ya'll have it?! Thanks in advance...
  19. ethanunzicker

    Blanket VLOS Waiver?

    I'm licensed under Part 107 but I only fly for a public county agency. We're a public park district that focuses on conservation and preservation of natural resources. We just started using drones this year for mapping and, of course, some marketing purposes. We have close to 20 properties...
  20. I

    National Airspace System Stakeholder Survey

    My name is Dr. Igor Dolgov; I am an Associate Professor of Engineering Psychology at New Mexico State University. I am currently conducting an online survey regarding potential training and certification criteria for visual observers involved in operations of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)...