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  1. D

    Phantom 3 Pro v1 ESC Status Error

    Hi group, I have a phantom 3 pro v1(the one with the old motors) that is giving esc status error. It was running the firmware 1.11.20, so I tried installing the version 1.11.30 but it still did not work. So I got the .dat data and on the esc1 status it displays the number 19, on all other 3 its...
  2. K

    PS3 Suddendly short range, Mode Changed to WiFi Reconnect?

    Hi everyone I buyed a broken PS3 over a year ago and could fix it after a few attempts. Everything worked okay and with an windsurfer I even managed to reach distances over 1km! But now from one day to the other I only can fly ca. 70m then the aircraft loses signal and returns home. In the...
  3. P

    ESC status error, persists even after multiple restarts AC 1.11.20

    Any assistance would be appreciated
  4. D

    phantom 4 esc error

    I replaced my shell on the phantom 4 and now it says esc error on all 4 motors. When I replaced the shell I cut motor wires and numbered them to put back in correct location. I used sand paper to remove laquor from wire soldered back together and used heat shrink tube to put back together. Got...
  5. F

    P4P ESC Error after Shell Replacement

    Hi everyone, I had a little crash with my P4P the other day, bent the gimble arm and dented the shell a little (mainly cosmetic). I replaced the yaw arm to fix the VPS error. While I was at it I went ahead and replaced the shell, before putting the bottom shell back on I threw the battery to...
  6. N

    ESC errors: help!

    When I replaced the shell on my P4 I desoldered the motor wires from the ESC boards. When I got it back together it seemed fine, but the motors were spinning backward. The motors responded to throttle commands. On checking it turns out I got the white and black wires reversed for all four...
  7. L

    New motherboard and motor but ESC Error !

    Hi everyone, i have a really strange problem with my P3P. After a crash i broke up one of prop guard of the phantom so i decided to open it up to check it was all fine. With the shield open the phantom working fine so i went for the reassembling but i used a longer screw and i broke the...
  8. W

    ESC error

    Hello, I have had my drone for 2 weeks now. Only flew it 3 times. Last week I put some propellar guards on it. I took it to fly that following day and I got an ESC error. Contact DJI. I call them and now I have to send it to them. I may just return it to the seller on Amazon. I don't even know...
  9. jeffgiff

    No 1 3 and 4 ESC error

    I find myself in Nicaragua with a 1.5 month old P4 and 9.5hrs of flight time with zero crashes or hard landings grounded due to an unexplainable ESC error. It began a couple of weeks ago intermittently. Cycling power on and off used to work but not anymore. Now on initial power up 1 3 and 4...
  10. S

    Is there anyone that can fix an ESC error?

    I crashed my p4 and after the crash it still flew perfectly. The body was damaged so i replaced it, and i (tried) sanding the coating off the motor wires (i spliced them). If there is anyone that I can ship this too, or that can help me please contact me. When I connect the controller it says...
  11. S


    Hi, I am a 15 year old pilot, and it had been a dream for me to buy a phantom. I had wanted one for a couple of years. So just a few months ago, I had enough money to buy one. So I convinced my parents to buy a Phantom 4. I am an experienced pilot and flying the phantom was a breeze. The other...
  12. U

    ESC Trouble Code after shell replacement

    Hi, I am new to this site as well as to drones. I have a P3 Pro and my shell was cracked up due to stress and minor crashes so I decided to replace the shell. The new one came with LED lights already in it. I wired them in to motherboard and re-installed everything back in. Everything connected...
  13. L

    Used P3P DOA - ESC Error - Fix? Cry?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a gently used Phantom 3 Professional at a pretty fantastic price from a friend via Facebook who is moving up to the Mavic. I saw it fly... photos, videos, everything looked great. Unfortunately, as my friend packed it up for shipping cross-country, he realized he...
  14. chdever

    ESC Status Error after Latest Firmware Update

    Updated P3 Pro to latest firmware 1.9.60, and all went well until I turned it back on and tried to start the rotors. Received the error message: *Warning, ESC Status Error. Restart Aircraft*. I have recalibrate the IMU, reinstalled the DJI Go app. Still the same thing. Any ideas?
  15. W

    Motor & ESC/Centreboard inspection

    In an unnecessary rush I've made a stupid error and killed my P3A - persistent ESC errors despite all the standard troubleshooting. The story is: after some routine maintenance I used the wrong screws (too long) to mount the motors, I assume the majority of the damage was done when trying to...
  16. jtuttleatl5

    Replaced P3P Motherboard - Still ESC Error :(

    Hi - I've spent hours on all the helpful threads researching any problems but am at a dead end so hoping for your help! Quick overview of the pass 2 months... 1) Crashed drone (my fault) 2) Replaced burnt out motor and shell (motor was black, shell warped due to heat of motor) 3) Rest of motors...
  17. AJC

    ESC Board Replacement

    Hi. So I am replacing my ESC board (Part 96) for a P3P as I am getting an ESC error intermittently when I am able to connect to the remote. What happen is the UAV emits a continual DD-DD-DD-DD and does not connect to the remote. When it does connect (no DD-DD-DD-DD sound), it throws a compass...
  18. C

    ESC error

    I've been getting an ESC error from the DJI Go app while trying to start my motors. I've fixed an ESC error before by replacing a motor because I knew I damaged a motor before hand. This new ESC error is from a 50 foot crash into 2 inches of snow as a result of probable battery failure. The...
  19. M

    ESC error related to firmware update P3

    the P3 initialization would not permit launch when a update firmware popped up. the required firmware was loaded and the initialization verified and proceed to the launch. but then a new error ESC error appeared. the firmware has been reloaded a new board has been installed motors replaced...
  20. J

    Phantom 3 Adv ESCs & Motors

    Ok, so had prop guards on and flying like normal, but then did a firmware update.... silly me to remove all the the props/accessories for the update and use the long guard screws again... Now... I am getting an esc error and all 4 motors are not working. My question is: Did the guard screws...