1. Infidel0007

    Phantom 3 standard 1100.00 on eBay?

    Am I missing something here? How are these people selling 499 dollar Walmart dji standards 2.7k drones for 799 to 1100 bucks? Please LMK what I'm missing here
  2. R

    spare parts from china

    anybody got experience buying cheap P4P parts off eBay from china? I'm looking for gimbal flex cables and motors.
  3. SamNetwork

    How trustworthy is this battery?

    4500mAh 15.2V 4S Flight Lipo Battery for DJI Phantom 3 Standard Version US G1A3 | eBay
  4. T

    eBay Quick Release Prop Guards

    Hi all, I've just ordered a Phantom 3 Standard (refurbished). As I understand it, Phantoms don't come with prop guards (right?), but being a newbie I think I'll want them, and I don't want to pay the price of the DJI ones (+ expensive postage to NZ!). Do any of you have experience of any...
  5. G

    Phantom 3 Pro Kit For Sale-5 Batteries-Pelican Case

    I've been trying to sell this bird before and have listed it here before with little luck. I've dropped the price $100 down to $1,050. Plus $15.00 shipping. The $50 is for shipping but I will negoiate, would not like to let it go for under $1,000.00 just too much invested. Good condition, flys...
  6. ProFPVRacer

    Exchanging Batteries When Puchased Through a Non-DJI Approved Vender

    Greetings fellow sUAS airmen, Question for you. I purchased a couple of batteries from taus784's Ebay Store, and one of the batteries for the Phantom 4 is defective. The seller is pushing quite hard for me to work through DJI's support team, rather than for his store to send off another battery...
  7. D


    Hi My P2 only came with one battery and it gives me 11 mins of flying time on average . Dare I spend £60 on ebay to get another from China or would it be risky . Seem to jump in cost from £60 to well over £100 , of which I find ridiculous . Thanks
  8. tml4191

    Is this $148.50 High Capacity p4p battery legit or no?

    DJI Phantom 4 Series DRONE - Intelligent Flight Battery 5870mAh High Capacity | eBay Has anyone actually bought this off of him?^
  9. W

    Signal issues

    Hello all, I recently bought a phantom 3 standard off eBay (second hand), and have been flying it this week. I have found that the signal is poor and will disconnect at an altitude of around 100m (sometimes less) and can go no further than 200m in length. The camera would start to lag before...
  10. C

    Aftermarket Batteries for DJI Phantom Vision 2

    Hi , just want to know if some of you guys had experience with aftermarket batteries for my vision 2 , i just bought and searching on ebay found a coupe of batteries for less than 70$ , anyone has had experience with that ?? or i have to pay the 129$ from dji store ??
  11. M

    Gimbal help?

    Hello, I have fried my no-name gimbal controller board its a BGC 3.0 controller board. I want to buy a new one of eBay. Can someone please help me to clarify what the difference is between the following and the meaning: New BGC 3.0 MOS Gimbal Controller Driver Two-axis Brushless Motor TR New...
  12. W

    Phantom 2 for sale (UK) eBay

    Upgraded phantom 2 for sale full working order. Two dji batteries Gimbal Fpv system 8 x propellers 2 x Flysight batteries List goes on DJI Phantom 2 plus EXTRAS incl. FPV and monitor
  13. W

    Phantom 3 vs 2

    Hi, I've had my phantom 2 for a short while now. I bought it second hand off of eBay. Since getting it I have bought a number of items to upgrade it, fpv monitor, antennas, tx, propellers, monitor mount, iOSD mini, list goes on. All in all think I've spent around £700, and my only concerns are...
  14. J

    ebay is good and all....but could be better

    /A calm, pleasant observation and comment/ I can't complain about ebay. I've done probably 10,000 transactions on ebay and the bad experiences have been VERY far and few in between. Yeah, been skwoed once or twice but overall as good as if I had a retail store or better. That said, the way...