drone crash

  1. OOO

    It Finally Happened!

    Hi guys, Unfortunately, it finally happened to me. For the last month, I've been busy shooting in a beautiful canyon. I spent 8 full days in this canyon and it was a very nice experience for me both mentally and physically. On the last day, while I was shooting close-up of rock walls, the drone...
  2. T

    Ever gotten Cut from the Phantom Blades?

    I've never been cut from my Phantom 3 Blades, I've been hurt, but not cut. However, the little DJI Spark cut me really deep! Ever been cut from you blades?
  3. J

    P4P: In-Flight Power Failure

    I recently had a P4P fall out of the sky for no clear reason. One moment it was flying and the next moment the motor stopped and it was in the river. If anyone can take a look at the flight log and the preliminary report (attached) and then share some insight, that would be immensely helpful...
  4. electriclife

    Epic crash - My old P4P in the hands of a rookie - Gone for good

    Epic DJI Phantom 4 Drone crash. I gave my old P4P to a friend and he royally crashed it after just a few flights. I guess he was flying in sport mode, which probablt also disabled the sensors, therefore the bird did not see the upcoming building, crashing straight into the Church. Fortunately...
  5. L

    Help with P4 dropped out of flight, battery error ?

    Good Evening guys, Trying to help out a friend, we both fly phantom 4 drones and just tonight his drone fell out of the sky. The red and green lights appear to have turned off and connection was lost, motors powered off. He cannot recall but the battery lights seem like they were still on when...
  6. IamWedge

    What was your first drone flight?

    I have a video of my very first drone flight. It was a Parrot AR 2.0 drone. Yeah I know...it was a toy. But its this drone that started it all for me. I came across this video on my iPad the other day and laughed. So I edited it and posted it up. Funny how far I've come. Also, how did you guys...
  7. Marc W Bass

    VIDEO: Crashed My Drone Into An 11th Century Castle!

    So I crashed my DJI Phantom 3 drone... in San Marino... into a medieval castle... from the 11th century! I had been having a lot of issues with my DJI Phantom 3 drone, shaking gimbal shots, DJI GO app disconnecting from the drone and the app not letting me record or take photos. I reinstalled...
  8. D

    Flight record of P3S spiralling into the sea

    Was flying my P3S yesterday, when it spiralled out of control and into the ocean. Very calm day, flying in a remote area, GPS satellites locked. Watch video to see it spiralling to its death :(. Just one of those things? Will send flight record to DJI, think they will be helpful?
  9. kolobcoyote2

    Drone crash gets top headline for newspapers

    A small drone crashes into the high steeple of a church temple and immediately creates incredible news coverage of the dangers of drones in the community. Drone crashes into LDS temple in Draper; raises questions of airspace rules | KSL.com The question is - Which received all the damage, the...
  10. monkeychops

    Flying under a bridge: 2 crashes in 2 attempts in 2 years!

    A couple of weeks ago my friend at work crashed his new Mavic Pro flying under a canal aqueduct. The video here shows it all start to finish, including the harsh laughter from his colleagues, the salvage operation and the last few seconds of flight rescued from the Mavic itself. Even more...
  11. PinnacleRun

    Mavic stuck in tree, Phantom 3A lends a hand

    Today a Mavic got stuck in a tree while flying backwards and so I tried to help with my Phantom 3A by flying up a rope to drop on the branch that the mavic was stuck on. The plan was to have the rope and a metal pole lock into the branch then we pull and shake the branch until the mavic falls...
  12. Sunnaroe

    Things like will ruin it for all of us..clumsy

    Somebody done it
  13. L

    Drone light goes out, drone stays on (hums)

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and flying drones. So recently, I purchased a used FC40 with an oversized battery. Long story short, battery popped out the back mid flight, dropped about 200 ft. Good news: drone isn't heavy and took no damage that I could see. Battery was smashed all over the...
  14. R

    Faulty Obstacle Avoidance On Phantom 4 Pro

    Any help will be appreciated on why this happened.
  15. B

    P3A fell out of sky... can someone look at data and explain???

    was flying to show a friend how it will return Home so battery was low around 32%, so I flew it over about 100 feet high and about 150 feet away when all of a sudden it fell to the ground.... I have the files zipped but it says the files are too large so I may need some help there too posting....
  16. M

    DJI Phantom 3 standard crash - camera broken

    Had a bad crash earlier where the drone managed to clip a tree branch about 30 feet up and then couldn't stay in the air, fell to the ground right near a paved driveway ramp area..anyways, the aftermath appears to be the camera snapped off the gimbal and the ribbon is torn..will these mean...
  17. W


    So it was our last stop of our trip down the WA coast and what i perfect last stop....Busselton Jetty. I set the drone up on about 50% battery and sent it straight down the jetty that is nearly 2KM long, it got down there so quickly, i didnt even take notice of the speed it got there in or the...
  18. bowman1130

    Glitchy Camera ..........Phantom Drone Crash

    To start off, the past few months I haven't flown it. The camera would act weird with glitches and sometimes I couldn't have control over the drone (Not in the sky). It got to the point where I couldn't even fly anymore, it was in a system error. So I just left it alone. Now to day I decided I...
  19. B

    My phantom 2 totaled - at least a good crash video I'm left with

    I just had a great experience filming a video with some friends about my friend who makes axes in his garage. While we were filming one of the critical forest shots, we had an unfortunate loss of communication with my Phantom II, after which we found the gimbal and drone in shambles. The good...