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  1. M

    DJI Phantom 3 Gimbal Problem

    Hi all, I'm opening this thread as a few weeks ago my Phantom 3 Standard fell from about 5mt high damaging the Y motor, lower board and landing skids. Black ribbon cable and main gimbal power terminal block (white connector) in very good condition. I purchased and replaced the above damaged...
  2. H


    I am a 14-years-old dutch boy and i love drones. On my 10th have i my first drone and now i have a DJI Phantom 3 SE. Sorry for my bad English i'm Just 14?
  3. T

    Ever gotten Cut from the Phantom Blades?

    I've never been cut from my Phantom 3 Blades, I've been hurt, but not cut. However, the little DJI Spark cut me really deep! Ever been cut from you blades?
  4. 2


    I recently flew my phantom 3 advanced in Arizona, and after landing it, k noticed I had trouble getting the battery out, i i pled it out and noticed it was very hot, the temperature out side was around 90 ( so it is my fault). After feeling the battery, I noticed it was a little stretched out (...
  5. T

    Cant connect Rc to drone

    Hi lads, I recently crashed my drone into a tree and it fell down pretty hard. The drone itself is fine but the rc and the drone were suddenly disconnected. I tried several things like pairing the two but it didn't seem to work. does anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks, Thomas
  6. H

    DJI P3 4K Footage and Channel

    Hey guys, my name is Haaris Baig. I have a YouTube channel where I make videos about technology and I recently uploaded some footage from my DJI Phantom 3 4K drone. If you can check it out and subscribe it would be great. Thanks for watching! Here is the link.
  7. T

    Selling DJI Phantom 3 Standard!

    Hey guys! I am looking to sell my DJI Phantom 3 Standard for about $325! Along with the drone I have a backpack that has styrofoam inside to help protect the drone, lenses that can be used on the gimbal, a and an attachable stand to hold an iPad if needed. I have only flown the drone about 3...
  8. J

    Is it possible to do tiny planet photos with DJI Phantom 3?

    I won a DJI Phantom 3 a few months ago and am just getting around to playing with it and am wondering if it is possible to take those tiny planet photos on it, or at least panoramic photos with it that I can edit as a tiny planet. Thanks in advance!
  9. G

    Question about P3 sd card

    I just bought a samsung 32gb micro sd card for my phantom 3 professional, and it has a little 1 on the card. I was wondering if that would be suitable for 4K filming. Thanks :grinning::grinning:
  10. D

    Hi all, new pilot here that needs help with beginner drone photography - Video compilation

    Hi all, I recently bought the phantom 3 standard and have been taking it out on a few flights in my local area. I am comfortable flying and can handle most average conditions really well, but I am not too sure on how to improve my video techniques. I have made a compilation of my most recent...
  11. T

    Selling Phantom 3 Professional bundled with many accessories

    Selling my DJI Phantom 3 Professional bundled with many accessories. Here are the items you see in the photo: 1. Phantom 3 Professional 2. Phantom 3 Remote Control (Return-to-Home button sunk in but fully working) 3. 2 x Intelligent Flight Batteries (+1 Spare - slightly faulty) 4. Phantom 3...
  12. B

    Phantom 3 standard for sale with accessories. SOLD

    DJI phantom 3 standard for sale with accessories. Comes with hard backpack and carbon fiber propellers. Along with two batteries and the remote and charger. Good condition. No issues. 400 OBO plus shipping. CONUS and PayPal only.
  13. Yourfriendlyneighbor

    Lancaster, PA

  14. Green Phantom

    Cinematic views from up high, beautiful sky and scenery

    Hi everyone, wanted to share with you all my latest video. Not made one in a while so wanted to make something really nice. Comments welcome as always. loved how it turned out, done a few new things in this video i have never done before. This is all thanks to watching other videos and advise...
  15. K

    D.I.Y Windsurfer VS Purchase Windsurfer ! Which better?

    Test between DIY Windsurfer VS Purchase Windsurfer , do you think purchase range booster windsurfer is better ? the answer is not really...
  16. K

    Increase WIFI TX power to 27dbm increase the bird flight range..

    the guide Increase WIFI TX power to 27dbm increase the bird flight range.... but this mod look will drain battery fast....btw increase the TX power will cause the rc/bird overheat?
  17. R

    P3P + Extra Batter for Sale - $700

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my P3P with an extra battery. Comes with original box and RC. Works perfectly fine - have only flown it a couple times. Looking for $700 + shipping OBO. Please DM me or reply here if interested. Also here's a shot of it attached. Thanks!
  18. K

    DJI Phantom 3 | Range test with and without D.I.Y Antenna Range Booster! 40% flight Range increase!

    the range test between with and without D.I.Y Antenna Range Booster, The result show 40% flight Range increase with D.I.Y Antenna Range Booster! :) how about your guy range test with D.I.Y Antenna Range Booster?
  19. K

    Malaysia Ulu Yam Village by Drone 2017

    Ulu Yam is one of small village from Malaysia, the view is shot by DJI Phantom 3. and this is my 1st video by drone, not smooth during YAW, any suggestion or setting ? Thank You!
  20. D

    CANADA TO KEY WEST - Amazing Drone Footage (DJI Phantom)

    Let me know what you guys think! Thanks!