One Year Reel w/my DJI Phantom 2 - Was an amazing adventure for me and my GF

May 29, 2015
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Travelled to four countries, including 4 different states within the US. Loved every minute of flying and building this film over the course of a year (actually about 14 months total of filming).

Producer credit to my GF for pushing me to bring it EVERYWHERE.

Yes. I was that guy with the drone.

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Hope you enjoy the view as much as I enjoyed traveling and filming it!
did you get any trouble from filming at the ski resort?
did you get any trouble from filming at the ski resort?

Which scene in particular?

One scene (where people are on the mountain), I only went as far as I could without actually flying over the slopes as it is just dangerous and irresponsible to do so regardless of skill level. No need to put anyone in danger. For the shots where the resort is empty and the char lift is stopped, that was about 3 months later during the late spring after the mountain had closed and people were free to enter the mountain to hike it. I simply walked on to an empty mountain and capture some of my favorite footage!

The geographic area is clear to fly (no airports, no no-fly zones, etc.) so all I did was make sure I was within my limits, did my spins, and went flying.
Up there as one of the best videos-well done. Off to New Zealand next week with phantom, can't wait, oh and the girlfriend will be there!
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