dji goggles

  1. K

    Trading/Selling my phantom 4 pro - $900 OBO

    Hey I would like to trade or sell my phantom 4 pro for $900 OBO. It will come with an extra battery and a carrying case (Lykus backpack). I'm also looking for a mavic pro with the dji goggles OR just the mavic 2 zoom. I've probably flown my p4p ~10 times, it's in great condition and will come...
  2. M

    Dji goggles and P4P V2.0 pairing

    Good day All , I'm new here and I just brought my first drone (Phantom 4 pro v2.0) with the DJI goggles I have updated the drone with (01.00.1500)and the goggles (V01.04.0500 date 2018-09-03) but I cannot get them to pair, can anyone help please?
  3. MTO

    Sierra Nevada Mountains

    The Northern Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe, CA. It was very smokey and hazy from numerous wildfires, which was a bummer but it did add a mystical effect. It was a lot of fun flying this fpv with the DJI goggles!
  4. Tap2FlyCommode

    DJI Goggles - Question About HDMI Port

    [RE: the mini HDMI port ] I have tried to use this as an HDMI out port... to no avail. Would someone kindly/please advise me if this is even possible? Here is why/how: it would be great to be able to run an HDMI cord from my goggles to a computer monitor/tv, so as to fly the drone while my...
  5. P

    DJI Goggles and Litchie

    My Phantom 3 Pro with the HDMI module works fine with the goggles and Litchie running on my Samsung Tab 2. However, not sure if I lose some functionality by not using DJI Go app.Can anyone comment or advise if its better reverting to the Go app. I like Litchie and loath to stop using it!
  6. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Abandoned railroad tracks in the Northwest

    Flown manually using DJI goggles (newly purchased, still getting used to). I know the movement is not smooth, but the footage shows tracks never to be used again. (Narrated by Johnny Cash)
  7. K

    DJI Goggles disconnecting my P4P aircraft. What?

    Hello. I have a quick, possibly a newb question. I have the P4P with and I upgraded to the hdmi board so that I can use the DJI Goggles as a hdmi viewer. However, when I connect the goggles, my everything says my aircraft is disconnected. It connects again once I disconnect the goggles. I...
  8. S

    Does anyone like the DJI goggles for P4?

    I just, rather impulsively, placed an order for the DJI goggles for my P4. I read quite a few negative comments but I also saw some good ones. It looks like I need to wait at least three weeks to get it from DJI. But since then while waiting I've read many more negative comments. I know...
  9. U

    P4P, DJI Goggles, 3 Batteries, much more

    I am selling my like New P4P , DJI Goggles and lots accessories . Less than 4 hours on the drone and only 1 hour on the goggles. DJI Care plan on the drone and is Good through April 2018. 3 high capacity batteries. Dji car charger. Hdmi module installed(original module included.) Lowpro Case...
  10. T

    P4 and DJI Goggles (video quality)

    Hey, Just received my DJI Goggles. Been using them with my Phantom 4 but I just can't get the 1080p live-feed to work. No matter what I do I can't get the live feed above 720p at 30 fps only. Anyone with the DJI Goggles that has gotten better results? Thanks.
  11. N


    OK so I got the new DJI goggles and I cant say that I'm totally happy. First off you don't see a lot of your data while flying and the menu is very limited. Also I'm not sure if one thing has to do with the other but all of a sudden I can go above 100 feet and 300 feet away. I spent all day...
  12. Gabriel Lehto Gomes

    Can I link DJI Goggles to P4P+?

    Can I link DJI Goggles to P4P+ ? Can I use P4P+ with others VR Goggles via HDMI? Tks!
  13. J


  14. Drone Master

    DJI Goggles, What's inside.

    I thought this was a cool artical on what makes these things tick. Let's take a look inside. DJI Goggles Teardown: Why Are They So Big?
  15. Advexure

    DJI Goggles - Immersive FPV Aerial Video Goggles

    Good morning from NAB here in Las Vegas! After an awesome event last night at the Wynn with exciting new releases from DJI including the Ronin 2, CrystalSky Monitors, Cendence Remote Controller, and Tracktenna -- this morning we are happy to announce the release of DJI's first FPV...
  16. Juergen B

    MavickPro to Phantom 4 Trickle Down Features?

    So I watched the launch event. My question is if we can expect any of the tech announced for the Mavick to trickle down to the Phantom: Do you all think that the new flight modes announced for the MavicPro will trickle down / also be supported for the Phantom4? Focus Mode Tripod Mode Terrain...