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  1. jp_flkeys

    Phone App & No Fly Zone

    I just got my P3P back from repair, it had the original firmware & of course they did the latest update for me, now I am restricted by Geo-Fencing where I wasn't before. I use a dedicated tablet for my P3P, NVidia Shield, I did not have a need for mapping or did I needing to know my location, I...
  2. Richard24

    Litchi vs DJI Go App

    How safe is Litchi to compare to the DJI Go App?
  3. phantom 2

    how waterproof is the phantom 2

    i was wondering how waterproof is the phantom 2 can i fly it in light rain
  4. Skyler King III

    HealthyDrones work with the DJI Go App?

    I like the reports ng and logging feature of HealthyDrones and and don't mind TOO MUCH the $6.95 per month BUT I'd prefer to use it with DJI Go. Is that possible?
  5. rDp

    Newbi Cannot Connect DJI GO to Phantom 4

    I am a proud P2V owner and have been flying it for almost a year. I finally found the cash to purchase a P4 and it arrived yesterday. Following the Quick Start Guide (V1.2) I unboxed, charged and downloaded the DJI GO App as instructed. The Controller is connected to the P4 as indicated by...
  6. M

    Corrupted result Dji Phantom 3 Professional after update

    Anyone with a solution..? Result: Corrupted. Firmware bin file is corrupted, download it again from the DJI offical website. That's the actually file which came out from drone after update.
  7. R

    p3p with samsung s7 none edge

    wanted to know if anyone has had a problem with p3p, dji go app with a Samsung s7 took me awhile to get it to connect had no video feed at first. turn on usb debugging then got vid but seem like signal was week compared to Samsung s5
  8. J

    Upgrading to new phone - DJI GO app concerns

    I have been using an iPad Air for the DJI Go app but am about to lose it (retiring and have to give it back to my employer). I am about to upgrade my phone and am strongly considering the Samsung Note. I checked the DJI website for compatibility to the Note but it seems very out of date. Does...
  9. Cralis

    DJI Go App and Battery Drain

    Guys, I got my quad yesterday and installed the latest DJI Go app. My phone (Galaxy S5) was a bit low on battery, to I put it on one of my weaker chargers (Of a PC USB port), which I normally do, and it normally charges up (slower than off a mains charger). However, after 10 minutes, my phone...
  10. T

    How to view Google Earth files on DJI Go App?

    I noticed on the corner of the DJI Go App there a small screen that uses google earth that shows the location of you and the drone. Does anyone know if it is possible for a way to view my own Google earth files (.KMZ or KML) to be viewed in this window? Or if their is another app or tool that...
  11. Big Eli

    DJI GO app won't... go!

    Just updated the firmware for my P3S and now the DJI GO app crashes on my ipad whenever I attempt to start the camera or the flight simulator. The app says the remote and aircraft are connect. Any ideas on what's up? Thank goodness everything works ok with the iphone 6 and I was still able to...
  12. D

    DJI Pilot App how to change KM/H instead of M/S

    Any one know how to set the speed of P3 in DJI Pilot app to show the speed in Km/h instead of m/s Many thanks
  13. R

    Phantom 3 Standard flyaway

    BRAND NEW FRIGGIN DRONE. I used it for a little over 2 hrs and had piloting down great. I go RTH and it returns but mid flight I decide to go back so I finished, pushed GTH again and it went the opposite direction. Complete flyaway. I tried to recover but no luck. I saw the logs and it flew for...
  14. richardtomcat

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7-Inch Tablet compatibility

    Hello. I'm a newbie and of course frothing at the mouth for a P3Adv. This thread is just a part of my pre-purchase research. I don't find the Samsung Tab A 9.7 (haven't purchased yet) on the list for devices. However, the Samsung Tab A 9.7 is fairly new. What I've been noticing are some...
  15. F

    Firmware componets upgrade

    Is there a way to force a firmware refresh (upgrade) on a unit? I looked at my hidden files misc/logs It show 2 components not connected (do not know if this is normal) Problem is the video does not show on DJI go app [00970201]Version checking[3]... [00970300][03 05][00] v34.2.0.9 ->...