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  1. D

    Please help, Phantom 4 gimbal issues

    Warm greetings everyone... I have a P4 and I crashed a couple of days ago, sadly!. Afterwards the drone turns on, the camera from the pitch motor goes up and down but then goes limp....the roll motor jerks frantically (freezing and jerking with a squeaky sound around both roll and pitch)...
  2. I

    Crash 53s into RTH

    Hello all, I’m new to the forum and a relatively new pilot, as I’ve had my P4 advanced only for a few months. Unfortunately, I am writing after a total loss crash in which my drone ended up on the steep side of an unreachable coastal cliff. I would appreciate if someone more expert than me...
  3. A

    DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO PLUS V2-0 DRONE Camera 4K @ $800 USD

    DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO PLUS V2-0 DRONE Camera 4K 20MP - $800 USD Am selling the drone at lower price because am relocated to country that drone is not allow to be fly. BRAND NEW - NEVER USED DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO + V2.0 PRICE : $800 USD Brand: DJI Model: Phantom 4 PRO+ V2.0 Camera...
  4. K

    P4 Intelligent Battery Not Charging (No sign of life)

    Hello Pilots! Another problem with the phantom 4 intelligent flight battery, UGH!!! So I haven't used my drone in quite a bit but before I left my drone and the batteries to sit in my case for a couple months, I charged them up a little (this is recommended). I return a few months later and my...
  5. M


    When I open up HD in the DJIGO app I noticed all the channels were rapidly going up and down with blinking red yellow and green bars. Is the RC broken. Cause I have scoured the web for days looking for anything relevant and no luck. Thanks
  6. Eddie8K

    My Footage is stuck in the cache in the Phantom Controller.

    My Footage is stuck in the cache in the Phantom Controller. We shot sum footage With the phantom 4+ and the footage was not on the card but is stored in the cache in the controller. I tried plugging it into Black magic media express and Adobe premiere nothing will read it. However when I plug it...
  7. L

    P4 pullback shot that you haven't seen yet - A must learn

    Hello guys just sharing my video here. Hope you like it. Thank you. 1st video: 2nd video in the same place with small tutorial:
  8. D

    DJI Phantom 4 Battery Send International

    I have 10 Dji phantom 4 batteries anyone know wich is the best service send only batteries to india
  9. Donatas


  10. J

    WTB: DJI Phantom 4 Pro Battery, Accessories and Filters

    Hi, New to forum and just purchased a Phantom 4 Pro. Does anyone have extra battery or filters interested in selling? Must be in like new condition. Would prefer Polar Pro vivid filters. Also any other accessories may have. Thanks John
  11. M

    New Guy in the Neighborhood

    New to the group. I'm in GA I'm in market for actual first purchase. I hope not silly question but do I buy best I can or..... a lesser model first. Do I buy a bundle like from internet or through DJI or whoever. I am really wanting to get into this Hobby/Addiction as I've seen posted.... I can...
  12. S

    Dji 4 beeping error at start up

    I went on a hike yesterday and tok my phantom 4 out with me. took it out of my case and did my checklist as always and flew for about 10 minutes. Nothing special, no hard flying , no hard landing. Packed it back up( left battery connected). About 15 min later I take it back out to film another...
  13. We Talk UAV

    The Discontinuation of the Phantom and The Advancement of Technology.

    The Discontinuation of the Phantom and The Advancement of Technology. The Phantom 2 Vision Plus was the first that started it all for me. It came with a revolutionary concept called the Vision App that worked on your smart phone. It did not have a Go Pro camera like the Phantom 2 did. Since...
  14. 5 Tips How Safety to Fly Phantom 4

    5 Tips How Safety to Fly Phantom 4

    I'm going to give you some important tips for both flying and safety. Enjoy this video. If you’re looking for the best drones for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Purchase link:
  15. LeBear

    Rocking with Way Points & Litchi

    I've recently started to experience rocking with the drone which I believe only happens when in Way Point mode on Litchi. If you watch the video, you will see the props bouncing in and out. Has anyone experienced this? any pointers? Thank you
  16. M

    Phantom 4 crash "IMU error"

    Hi, I have been in the RC modeling hobby for about 8 years now. Started off with a Raptor 30, then went to a Miniature Aircraft Stratus. Have had my fair share of crashes. I recently bought a Phantom 4, and IT WAS AWESOME. the video was stunning, integration of the entire system was pretty much...
  17. TheCapiDan

    Can someone show me the link for the P4 Download Assistant for Mac

    Does it exist for the P4? Was told that firmware updates are only available via DJI Go APP for the P4.
  18. DroneLyfe2016

    P4 first flight and got kicked out of a state park! Great!!!!!

    Well guys the first flight didn't go bad at all other than a run in with the state park ranger. Check it out and subscribe if you like the videos
  19. J


    Had a blast shooting this up in the mountains. Check out my channel DRONEON JOHN on YouTube for more!
  20. Sebelibastian

    Should i update firmware before first flight on my phantom 4?

    Hello. First time drone owner here. And I was wondering if I should upgrade my phantom 4 firmware before my first flight with it? How did you guys do it? Any tips? Thanks!