1. W

    Battery Questions…

    I just purchased a Phantom 4 Pro from a woman who’s husband recently passed. She said he flew it a couple of times before he got sick, but that was four or five years ago. So, I buy this drone, which looks like new, but the battery wont charge. After reading on the internet it appears it can be...
  2. D D S

    Ultimaxx Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Charging Hub Only $9.99

    Ultimaxx Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Charging Hub Only $9.99 DDS [email protected]
  3. New Phantom Owner

    Responsible Battery Use?

    So I have this Phantom. It has a Battery. Lasts around 20 minutes or so. Also have a car charger to charge away from home. I am in the market for an extra battery or three. My question is how long of a cool down time is sufficient, adequate, and or responsible for the longevity of the drone's...
  4. A

    Remote doesn't charge more than 95-96% for first time

    I may do something wrong, but this is my second P3P (first plane was faulty), and both (the first and this new one) charged just until 95-96% for first time... Is this normal? Will the battery take more charge after a time of use? Is it a fw error? I used a third party charger, but it works...
  5. tml4191

    Wireless Charger Station

    Would you use wireless drone charging technology on your drones? WiBotic Offers Wireless Drone Charging for any Drone - WeTalkUAV
  6. R

    Do I charge the gimbal/camera?

    Do I charge the gimbal/camera? It has a micro usb port on it, but I'm not sure what it's for? Does the gimbal/camera get power from the battery? Thanks!
  7. K

    phantom 4 R/C is charging my S7

    My phantom transmitter battery seems to be running down a bit too quickly and I realized that my phone is charging from the transmitter. That can't be helping my battery duration time. Wondering if there's a simple way to stop the charging while still keeping the connectivity necessary for DJI Go?
  8. Ing Zimmerman

    Can the P4P RC be Charged by the P3P charger?

    The tittle says it all... Can the P4P RC be Charged by the P3P charger? The connectors are the same (for the RC), so I guess it should work. Also with the P4P can we charge both Drone and RC at the same time, if I recall correctly I think it was not advised for the P3P. Thanks for your...
  9. R

    Partially lost charger.

    Travelling lately and it seems i have lost part of the charger. Not the big brick (dont know how it's called) but the end that plugs into it. Is it possible to find that cable or do i have to buy the whole thing?
  10. S

    Battery Issue: LED #1 blinks 16 times, stops for 7 seconds and repeats

    When i plug my battery in directly to the DJI factory charger the only thing that happens is LED #1 blinks 16 times, stops for around 7 seconds and the repeats. all day long. what could my issue be? this battery is room temperature and hasnt been flown recently. Also all 3 other batteries I...
  11. Dron-X

    Kickstar project- drone control application- help and share!

    We are the group of enthusiasts who find technology as the ladder to future– for this reason we have created an application with which the world can become a better place. Our project called Dron-x stipulates 7 stages of the drones’ application thanks to which we will be able not only to have...
  12. Cabunag60

    Battery voltage drops a bit fast

    I just got a Phantom 3 Advanced from E Bay everything looks fine, he said only used a short time, sure enough the battery says it been charged twice only. The problem is it wont stay at 100% for very long, just setting it up and calibrating it on the table takes it down to 80% and it is not...
  13. B

    Portable Power Station

    Howdy guys!! So cool thing about me; I'm in field marketing for DEWALT power tools so I get some cool stuff sometimes. This right here is a portable power station. It takes 4 DEWALT 20V batteries of any size and puts out up to 15 amps. It also attaches to our Tough Cases so you have a place to...
  14. S

    phantom 3 professional

    Just bought a new phantom 3 professional the Intel battery has charged OK. Tried to charge controller and got one flashing white light for a few seconds then nothing....the remote has low battery so is not fully charged and the charger has about 17.4v output. .........please help!!!!!!
  15. SoCalDude

    What is "Part 8"?

    When I see the Phantom 4 battery hub charger on different online sites, I notice that there are "Part 8" models and others (which don't specify Part 8). What does the Part 8 mean?
  16. F

    Pulling Battery Off Charger At 50%

    Yesterday I made a thread and got great answers about the characteristics of the intelligent lipo battery. But, I still had one concerning question. If I just got done flying and my battery is at 30%, is it ok to top off the battery to 50% after the battery has cooled? (Which means pulling it...
  17. F

    Battery Storage Help

    Hello, just got a Phantom 3 for Christmas and I read in the manual that it is best to keep your battery at 40-50% for storage. I am only planning on flying my phantom 1-3 times per week and I want to make my battery last as long as possible. I read that you shouldn't keep your battery stored...
  18. A

    Batteries and Chargers

    So I purchased a new Phantom 3 Standard last week, and am looking at purchasing new batteries 2x, and a charger for all of them. For the batteries I was looking at the Powerextra...
  19. SoCalDude

    Here's How I Charge My Batteries...

    So, I wanted something more versatile than the DJI car charger to use while driving between drone operation locations. I found this one and it works great! It charges my P4 batteries with no issues and is as fast as if charging at home. It's the Potek 300w Power Inverter, 12V DC to 110V AC car...
  20. S

    Phantom 3 Standart battery problems

    Hey mates, I bought original genuine DJI Phantom 3 Standart battery for my drone. I cant normally power on it, and cant charge it… Have red all of manuals (drone and battery), no my situation discussed there… On single press (for battery level check) got 1st LED, which blink, that means...