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  1. F

    Phantom 4 pro + camera design

    Phantom 4 pro + camera design Photo 1. The design of the camera is strange - the board with the sensor (1) is not connected to the lens with screws. The body of the front lens (3) is connected by two screws to the main mechanism (2). Three screws hold the moving lens part (2a) to the lens body...
  2. Albin W

    Camera showing white/black lines in overexposed areas after minor crash

    Hi, i recently had a minor crash with my Phantom 3 4k and now the camera shows odd behaviors that i haven't found any information about. So basically what happened was that i flew into a tree at about 1.5 meters height (4-5 feet) and the drone crashed into the grass under the tree. The camera...
  3. I

    P4P Part's for sale

    Hi Guys, I'm currently selling the following P4P OEM parts from my drone with less then 25 flights (You can read my story below on how it happened and why). See all the listings here: gran_isai on eBay Happy to answer any questions or provide more detail about the parts. So here's my story...
  4. J


  5. 2

    Camera tips please

    Hi all. I am a very compatant pilot. My issue lies with camera settings. Having come from an r/c background not a photography one I feel out of my depth with manual settings... The first photos and videos were perfect and I was very proud of them. Since I have 'messed around' with the manual...
  6. We Talk UAV

    Phantom 4 Pro Footage- Graded and Ungraded 4K

    Last week you have seen our full review of Phantom 4 Pro and there were some users asking to for the Phantom 4 Pro footage taken from the new drone. So today we are here to show you the footage taken with this bird in 4K resolution.
  7. We Talk UAV

    ND Filter-An Awesome Photography Tool

    Three or four years ago, the drone was mostly thought of as a model plane. Now, it’s considered a full-fledged flying camera. Drones have been a huge boon to the film industry, allowing for incredible shots at vastly reduced costs. Many professional photographers have jumped onto the drone...
  8. Dramface460

    Had the tilted horizon problem but DJI fixed it

    So most of you know about my camera issue where it was turned to the right about 10 degrees or so. I also had an issue with the horizon view being tilted. I called DJI on July 9th told them about the issue and they asked me to send it in about a week and a half later they repaired it and I just...
  9. R

    replacing p3a camera with p3p camera

    If I replace the camera/gimbal, I will get 4k quality. Is it as simple as it sounds? I read something about the p3p using a higher speed lightbridge...or does the hardware come with the camera set up itself? Thanks.
  10. D

    Video shake

    Hello. Just purchased the Phantom 3 Advanced with 4K camera. I keep getting this shaking in the video (see attached). Any idea of what causes this and how to correct? Thanks, Dan
  11. AngelPilot4u

    Tips and tricks to camera repair

    Tips, tricks and small trade secrets to repairing your own camera .... Steps to repair a damaged camera for all Phantom 3 types | Jogjasky
  12. J

    Phantom 3 pro - camera is fine but gimbal is not working

    Hello, I've recently managed to crash my Phantom 3 pro. I changed the yaw arm and also the flex cable, now the camera is working just fine, also the phantom itself is working (GPS, Take-off, etc.) but I can't move with the camera - the stabilisation is not working at all. Is there any way to...
  13. AntonioDavideMarcello

    Camera requires Upgrade. (Overall Status)

    What doe's it mean? How can I upgrade the camera of my Phantom 3 Professional? When I switch on my Phantom3 Pro the camera make a "crazy" ballet. I've inserted a micro SD with the last firmware, but the front led becomes green and red without stopping and without sounds. Finally it blinks green...
  14. AntonioDavideMarcello

    Camera 4k main board and srews

    I have broken my 4k camera main board and its four screws. Is there anyone who knows where I can buy both?