3d mapping

  1. BaliDroneproduction

    Hello from indonesia

    Hello Guys, My name is Arnaud, basically I am a french IT engineer but 5 years ago I decided to make my own drone service company. So I moved to Indonesia and made my first company BaliDroneProduction specialized in Aerial Videography and photography service. I started with a simple phantom 3...
  2. Hivemapper

    Mapping contest - Use your DJI drone to win up to $3000

    I thought you all might be interested in this contest my company is putting on: We’re looking for DJI pilots to try building a 3D map at Hivemapper.com. All you need to do is fly around any area you want to map and upload your video. It can be anything from a quick orbit around your house to...
  3. P

    eBee RTK for sale with Spectra Base station

    Hi, we are selling a used eBee RTK with optional base station as our project has been finalized. Please contact if interested. For eBee RTK: eBee RTK with high resolution RGB camera (18MP) Perpetual license of Pix4D Desktop up to version 3.2.10 (Current Retail Price = $6,500 USD) eMotion 2...
  4. J


    Hi guys, Any help would be much appreciated. Just to give you some info, we are looking for a UAV, whether it is a fixed wing or a prop, to use for aerial recon and/or remote sensing. We're not talking 100's or square miles, but maybe a couple at a time. I personally own a DJI Phantom, so I am...
  5. Kristina Fowler

    Best 3D Platform for detailed visuals

    In the market for a 3D application that renders high-quality detailed images. My current impression is that in terms of the finished product, they're all the same. Some may have better ergonomics and workflow, but today I'm looking for the best finished product. One thing that I find annoying...
  6. N

    Processing Drone Images

    Ok, I've been finding all the post about different software and there's no one with all the software together. It's very difficult to choose a software for processing our images and there are few ones so, I'm trying to test them all to know which one I prefer. So far I know these ones. And I've...
  7. Nick Wenzel

    DJI GS Pro 3D Mapping?

    Hi everyone, I'm going to be doing a job soon with my P4 where I am hoping to take photos of a house from different angles over the course of 30 weeks. I have just discovered the dji Ground Station Pro app for the iPad, and the 3D mapping tool seems very useful for the job. My two questions are...
  8. S

    Phantom 4 Pro Sensor Questions + 3D Photommetry Software Build Times Cut By 20X

    What are the following for the FC6310 Camera Sensor on the Phantom 4 Pro? 1. Focal length (mm) 2. Xmm (Principal point, width direction (mm) ) 3. Ymm (Principal point, height direction (mm) ) 4. Pixel size (microns) Also, I've written some software to preprocess imagery before having it...
  9. T

    New to forum

    Hello All, I am new to this forum site and to DJI. I work as a professional UAS pilot in the survey industry, I am a certified Helicopter pilot and certified UAS pilot. We are currently switching over from the 3DR Solo UAV. The Solo has been an excellent UAV for user friendliness and open...
  10. J

    Offline 3D Mapping

    Hello, I was speaking to a gentleman today who has retired from the oil and gas industry. He wants to get into 3D mapping for oil and gas companies. However, where he would be working has no WiFi and no cell service. Is there any mapping software out there that works will no WiFi connection or...
  11. S

    Turn any DJI camera into a 3D scanner?

    I found this the other day, FPV Camera , at first I thought it was a camera of some sort but later found its just an app. What do you guys think, is it any good? Or should I stick with the DJI GO app?
  12. A

    Simple Offline / Cached Maps for DJI Phantom and Inspire

    Works exactly like offline Google Maps, yet provides you with 3D map data perfect for flying your drone. Currently Android only, if you want the iOS version you can sign up for the beta here Intelligent Elevation data available everywhere in the US Terrain view and Satellite view available...
  13. BigAl07

    Structural Mapping?

    Is anyone aware of the ability for a P3A/P to do structural/vertical mapping? I've been mapping terrain for months now but I am looking for a solution that allows me to do vertical mapping with my P3P. For instance a cell tower. Have the aircraft orbit around the structure taking pictures each...
  14. thehightechhobbyist

    Used Altizure to Create a 3D Model of My House

    Using the app Altizure and my Phantom 3, I was able to create a 3D model of a few houses in the neighborhood. I got some pretty awesome results.
  15. S

    Phantom 3 Standard automatic mapping software?

    Hi Everyone! I tried looking around and couldn't find any information so here we go.... I've spoke to Altizure, PIX4D, and a couple others in reference to supporting automatic functions for 3D mapping with the P3 Standard but they don't support this model and don't know if they ever will. So...
  16. dronmarket

    Amazing 3D Modelling With Phantom 3

    Hello all, I want to share my experience with 3D modelling a castle called "Masal Şatosu" with a Phantom 3 located at Eskişehir, Turkey. Thanks to dronedeploy.com's cloud service, it was a smooth process. You can take a look other 3D projects at 3d | DronMarket.com This image taken from...
  17. SightFlight

    DroneDeploy Real World Applications

    DroneDeploy is fascinating. It's ease of use with the Phantom 3, along with their cloud processing for 2D aerial mosaics and 3D interactive models, is amazing. Currently, my test demo exhibited some stitching errors and a prospective client thought the 3D version lacked detail in areas. Is...