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    BEWARE the Phantom 4 Pro + (yes... PLUS)

    I'm pretty sure DJI would not make claims on any 3rd party software. Why would we even expect them to? They have to protect their product and software. Its just business. I love my PRO 4 + but getting having some issues stuck in beginner mode. About to trash the program and reinstall it again to...
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    Phantom 4 Advanced server.

    Seriously. This forum need to lighten up a bit.
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    Opinions on sunhood

    I have a Hoodman and like it a lot. I have the extended version. I hear that DJI is about to come out with a wireless headset for FPV. I’m very excited about this new option if its is true.
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    my experience

    Jacob has been awesome the entire process with me. My bird is flying again and longer distance than stock.
  5. westlightaerial ItElite MaxxRange Availability

    I'll say this fore sure Jacob really backs up his product and goes out of his way to make sure you have what you need to make things work. I have a few issues and he responded very fast and took care of this situation . Thanks Jacob. phantom's range is much farther and signal is much stronger now.
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    Up and down with out command!

    I getting a bit tired of my phantom 4 falling about 8 -15 ft without me doing it on the controls. After I stop in a place , i have to constantly watch the Phantom because it could hit something while dropping. Another issue i just noticed yesterday was the phantom going up and sideways when I am...
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    Spontaneous 40' ascend with no input

    Mine often drops 6-8 ft , not cool!
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    ItElite Modification Honest review --> OK range improvements

    I just got a booster from Jacob and Maxx Uav I forgot to take the channel of 1 and put it into abut and it did a lot better . Flew about 3x further than I got on stock. He was very willing to help if I had any issues. Im a lot happier with it than the stock antennas. I also hacked my channels...
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    Refrigerate your phantom

    if it works, and it does, why question it?
  10. westlightaerial now carries ItElite Antennas!

    Can not stand getting a weak signal anymore. Just placed my order and hope it all works out. Im assuming the het the antenna needs to be pointed in the direction of the Phantom .
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    RC Signal Lost after latest update.

    Yep, both needed update. My video and RC signal are not a strong as before. Gong to do the 32 channel hack again and see if it helps but planning on upgrading to the Boosters with amplified signal soon.
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    How is RC range after the latest fw update ?

    No improvement at all. As a matter of fact it is worse.
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    RC Signal Lost after latest update.

    never mind , think I figured it out.
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    RC Signal Lost after latest update.

    After install of the latest software, Im getting an RC signal lost in red. Is there a fix for this? Everything seemed to download ok and install. Now what?
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    So has any one flown on the new firmware (v1.1.301)?

    I thought there was a new firmware for the P4. I connected my p4 to the iPad and transmitter and waited to see if an update firmware symbol in red came up and it did not. Assuming I have the latest firmware if it does not say to upgrade. I have not upgraded firmware since the second or third...