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    Dji refurbished

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    The FBI just visited me.

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    Noisy picture

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    Help with Airdata

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    Default battery failsafe

    Has anyone changed their default battery failsafe levels to be much less conservative, which would squeak out a considerable more flight time? Slugger
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    Question from a new owner

    Buy the Du-Bro balancer, and some #220 sandpaper. Only sand the back side of the prop. Good luck and have fun flying! Slugger :D
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    Question from a new owner

    Get the Du-Bro prop balancer, some #220 sandpaper and only sand the backside of the prop. Good luck and have fun! :D Slugger
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    How do you store your LiPo batteries when not in use?

    Do you use a LiPo bag? A ammo box? Tool Box? Old sock? Don't worry about it? Bury out in the back yard? Store at your Mother-in-Laws? Inquiring minds want to know!
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    Moving from self centrering throttle to stady one

    Yes you can setup the T8J Futaba with self centering throttle, just finished doing it to mine, really simple. If the kit doesn't come with the T8J, just give the Hobbico a call or email them and you'll have one in a few days...... :D slugger