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    Dji refurbished

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    The FBI just visited me.

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    Noisy picture

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    Help with Airdata

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    Default battery failsafe

    Has anyone changed their default battery failsafe levels to be much less conservative, which would squeak out a considerable more flight time? Slugger
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    Question from a new owner

    Buy the Du-Bro balancer, and some #220 sandpaper. Only sand the back side of the prop. Good luck and have fun flying! Slugger :D
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    Question from a new owner

    Get the Du-Bro prop balancer, some #220 sandpaper and only sand the backside of the prop. Good luck and have fun! :D Slugger
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    How do you store your LiPo batteries when not in use?

    Do you use a LiPo bag? A ammo box? Tool Box? Old sock? Don't worry about it? Bury out in the back yard? Store at your Mother-in-Laws? Inquiring minds want to know!