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    Litchi for Phantom 4 (v1.5.0) and newer

    Before you judge the many pilots here who do hand catch/hand launch, (I have done hundreds without incident) understand there are certain situations where it can be a great benefit. Launching from a boat, landing where dogs have decided they want a closer look, a craggy river bead or rocky base...
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    Litchi Mission Lost Phantom

    Daved, As others have suggested, take new drone and fly slowly over the WPs that others have suggested to look at. This will give you a different angle then from the ground and may in fact be easier to spot. Maybe just reuse your first litchi mission but take out the WPs that you do not need...
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    Litchi Mission Lost Phantom

    daved, I would be looking for your drone on the local Craigslist as well
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    I don't understand my drone flyaway?

    Not sure if you can change the title of your original post but this was clearly not a flyaway. Putting that word in the title of your post in this forum is just click-bait and would lead others who have not read the thread to assume that it was indeed a flyaway, laying the blame on DJI. I...
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    Holy goat is this screen bright!!!

    Not for me unless we can load 3rd party apps like Litchi
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    conflicted: Phantom 4 Pro + (with 5.5” display) vs the Phantom 4 Pro

    I could not agree more! If you have not tried Litchi, you are getting only half the bang for you buck!
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    Phantom 4 Pro (available in the DJI store)

    If you get integrated screen, does that mean you cannot use 3rd party app like Litchi?
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    P4 Pro is out!

    DJI store
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    lost P3A thnks to Litchi

    Neon, Nice mea culpa! You kept your head straight through this whole thread and did not loose it . I have flown close to a hundred Litchi missions and have not had any issues but I also learned things from this thread. Great job using this forum as it was intended...
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    lost P3A thnks to Litchi

    Yes well said. The OP's title is just "click bait" and gives very wrong impression about Litchi, an app I have used over one hundred times (I think) with no issues.
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    Phantom 4 or Mavic Pro for real estate footage

    You will get much more stable and smooth shots if you use waypoint missions and Litchi. Unless Litchi has their app available for Mavic I would get the P4 or wait.
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    Drone Shot!! Phantom 4

    Yes great question drone33. I was wondering that myself. Looks like HDR done in post but the ND16 obviously helped to get a fuller exposure. Excellent photo by brusca. Gives us all something to shoot for.
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    P3 did a fly away on first flight. Please help me interpret flight log

    Yup, I agree with royster. Knock on a few doors, tell 'em your sorry but you really want to get your $900.00 bird back. Your drone did not disappear. Again, msinger has done a great job narrowing down that location.
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    Why does RTH height matter?

    What the other responders have not taken into account is the fact that the RTH height is based on your take off point. This is very important. While as Msinger says, you should set your height above tallest object, if that object is sitting on a hill that is 51 feet above take off point, you...
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    Litchi vs DJI Go App

    I think that is an insult to the many who come here and give well considered feedback and help to those who seek it. We are all hear to learn from each others experience, knowledge and failures. To say that half of that information is wrong, is well..... wrong. I spend a lot of time on this...