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    Professional MC data error 'straight out of the box'

    From what I've read about 'MC data error', it usually happens after a crash or some sort of knock, but mine has been there from the start, and I've run out of ideas for solving it. As well as 'MC data error', I get 'data recording errors'. I've tried calibrating the IMU and the gimbal. I've...
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    'MC data error' - should I return my P3 Professional?

    I've just done an IMU calibration (though the Go App said it wasn't necessary), gimbal calibration and also a further compass calibration. Still says 'MC error' and 'data storage error'. The craft won't respond, either - props don't start up (though the gimbal control works, as does the...
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    'MC data error' - should I return my P3 Professional?

    I had to return my first P3 Professional before I'd even flown it because it had all sorts of problems. The shop replaced it without any argument. But now I'm having problems with the replacement, and this one hasn't even flown yet either. The first thing I did out of the box was to install...
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    Help! have I destroyed my controller?

    Hi Thank you everybody. I updated via the internet and everything was fine. But what got be confused in the first place was that when I switched on the go all I got a message saying the latest osmo firmware had just been released and that had to be installed via amico SD card. Why did I get...
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    Update problem

    I wonder if anyone can advise me on this? Today I tried to switch on my phantom 3 indoors just to test that the latest update had worked. when I switched on my tablet I got a message saying that the latest osmo firmware been released which of course has nothing to do with the Phantom. An audio...
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    Help! have I destroyed my controller?

    Today I tried installing the latest firmware update on my P3P. Did the copter first, and got 'success' in the notification. But then I tried doing the controller and things went wrong. I deleted the stuff generated by the copter update from the SD card, leaving only the BIN file, then inserted...
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    Gimbal damaged?

    Just getting my Phantom 3 out of the box for the first time, I accidentally switched it on, while the gimbal protector was still in place. The camera started moving about, knocking the gimbal off. Do you think the gimbal might now be damaged? Thanks.
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    Downloading the Pilot App

    I've just got a Nexus 7 for use with a P3 Professional that I'll be getting soon, and want to install the Pilot App. I went to DJI's site and they have something called the 'Go App', which may or may not be the same thing. So I went to the Google apps site and found this...
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    Combining video and stills

    Can you do video and stills at the same time? I mean, shoot video and when you see something on screen you'd like to have a photo of, just press the photo button without interrupting the video shooting? Or do these operations have to be entirely separate? For instance, if you're shooting an all...
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    A question about hand catching the P3

    OP here - thank you all for your useful advice.
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    Questions about Nexus 7

    This is slightly off-topic, so I hope no-one minds. I haven't got my p3 yet, because I don't yet have time to fly it, but I've just ordered a Google Nexus 7 tablet, since I'll need it anyway and I can use it straight away. I know nothing about tablets at all, and only ordered this one because...
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    A question about hand catching the P3

    I haven't got a P3 yet, but I've been so spooked by the stories of how easily the gimbal can be damaged that I'd like to hand catch from day 1. It seems to me (please correct me if I'm wrong) that there are two possible approaches to doing this: 1) Get it above shoulder height, grab a rear...
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    Any point in waiting before buying a P3?

    I've got the money to buy a P3 now, but I'll probably not be flying it for a month or so because of work commitments. Considering the problems some people have been having (cracks, software problems, etc), would it make sense to wait a month before buying one? Thanks.
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    Neutral density filter question

    It seems a lot of people are wanting to fit a neutral density filter to the cameras of their P3s because they say it improves the image quality. I just can't figure out how such a filter could do this - can anyone enlighten me please?
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    Professional Can you do much without the Pilot app?

    I don't have a smartphone or tablet, and I was thinking of buying a P3 and using it without one until I save up a bit more money. But is this possible? I'm asking because I recently saw a video that seemed to suggest that you need the Pilot app even to calibrate the compass and set RTH. I...