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    FS: DJI Phantom 1

    Is this a v1 or 1.1.1?
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    TRADE PV2 w RP Gimbal for P2 of equal value

    Hi fellow flyers. I have a Phantom Vision equipped with a Rotorpixel Gimbal and a stage 1 wifi upgrade kit that I would either like to sell or possibly trade for a P2 with Zenmuse Gimbal 2 or 3 axis of relatively equal value. I am gauging interest. To be proactive I will answer some...
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    RotorPixel Gimbal Technical Discussion

    So today I started with 3 fresh batteries and though I'd try to reproduce the issue. Not one battery did it today. Weird. I tried everything to reproduce it full throttle ascending, flying even tried it with low battery around 44% still didn't happen. Im confused. I hate not knowing. Grr. I also...
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    RotorPixel Gimbal Technical Discussion

    Could be. But my issues starred exactly after the gimbal was installed. Never had the issue..not once.. Prior to. So it's very coincidental if it's not the gimbal. Maybe it's just the added weight. Don't know. But if there is an issue is like to resolve it.
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    RotorPixel Gimbal Technical Discussion

    Re: Quick update on my RP situation and kudos to Keri Hoping for a similar good experience and resolution. I have had an issue since day one as well with the battery going into the red and auto landing waaay too early. The first time I flew it hit at 40%! I have to fly SUPER gingerly not to...
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    Anyone added their own FPV to Vision?

    Interesting. I'd like to go this way as well. Im kinda tired of using my iPhone. Seems cheesy. Id like to have a detected FPV setup. Please post your results. I was actually thinking about either selling my craft and getting the P2 with H3 3D zenmuse or swapping out the parts to turn my P2V into...
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    Examples of using P2V footage in videos

    very nice. Very refreshing. Got sucked in to it. Felt like I was watching a Hallmark commercial or well done. Thx for sharing. James
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    RotorPixel Gimbal Technical Discussion

    Well I'm getting used to the gimbal and how it affects the Vision. Pros are obvious: Video is amazingly smooth Looks cool (More sci fi and mechanical) Cons for me: Getting used to the effects of added weight Flys and maneuvers like an SUV now Really Really have to watch the battery (I've seen...
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    RotorPixel Gimbal Technical Discussion

    Update on my Vision with RP Gimbal.. The video is great! BUT...I lost a ton of flight time.15 min max. Quite a drop from before. Not real happy about that. Maybe acceptable but not super pleased with it. Even worse it caught me off guard and auto landed at 30% battery. Luckily I had it right in...
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    RotorPixel Gimbal Technical Discussion

    Copy that Pull_up. I watched your video and a couple others. I like the small circular that was posted. Im going to go that route. Small, clean. I'll set it up to be removable for packing in the case. Only issue seems to be finding a supplier on my side of the pond. There don't seem to be many...
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    RotorPixel Gimbal Technical Discussion

    Wow Thats some distance! I would be happy with much less. I'm probably looking for something like what pull up has range wise. The cost still isn't bad though. Thank you very much for the help gentleman. Ill have to crack open the wifi extender and see what I need to do there. and now to...
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    RotorPixel Gimbal Technical Discussion

    So far only one flight and haven't noticed any issue. Very happy with how smooth the video is. Such a cool product. That said I'm going to have to change the way I carry the thing now. It just seems more fragile. I'd love to continue using a backpack but I'm not sure there are any robust enough...
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    Rotorpixel gimbal for Phantom Vision

    Finally got it. Installed it and it works perfect. Im very happy with it so far. Now Im done wight this post. Moving on..... :D James
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    Controller/Vision stickers

    Its been awhile since I have asked or even visited this thread but I gotta ask because you are so close to doing it I just know it.... Skins? I see you have a partial for the controller. Please..:) Thx pal. JJ