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    Phantom shakes slightly to the left and right (Video)

    If you were flying in gps mode, not atti, then that could account for most, if not all of the twitch. I used to get that effect until a friend told me to fly in atti mode when filming. If that isnt the answer then a thorough balace of props and motors will help. If you have ever crashed this...
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    Lets talk gimbals

    In between the Zenmuse and the passive "four rubber balls" approach, there are many variants, but they all have one thing in common, they only work in 2 dimensions, hence the "2d" designation. 3d is pointless on a phantom, because of the fixed landing legs. The only ones worth considering are...
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    Different versions of Gopro Hero 3 black?

    I bought my third gopro hero 3 black from pixel deals on ebay for £269.99, a couple of weeks ago, and it is all 100% kosher everything in the kit as you would expect. I may buy another before they all dry up as the version 4 comes out, although you can still buy hero 2 from some dealers. One...
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    My Tips on Getting Jello-Free Video wtih GoPro 3

    Just a point about video quality and shutter speeds. Very fast shutter speeds (not frame rates, thats different) create a series of very sharp still frames, which when played back can exhibit a nasty optical effect called "stroboscoping" or strobing for short. This gives the video a stuttering...
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    Swap the Phantom guts to a f350?

    Has anyone done this? Take all the parts out of the phantom shell and put them on a F350 frame? I have had stability problems with my Phantom ever since a friend flew it into a tree and I have tried all known resets, recalibrates, new compass unit etc etc and I now think that the frame may be...
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    Extending GoPro

    If you mean to put an extension bar between the gopro mount on the phantom, and the gopro itself, that will work ok and lots of people do it, but.... You will have moved the center of gravity forward quite a bit and so the phantom will tend to tip forwards on takeoff. The solution... Apply a...
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    Tracking devices

    I use a pet tracker that I bought on Ebay for around £90 ukp. It responds to a mobile phone call with a google earth location and it is quite accurate. It needs a mobile phone sim card of course, but I use the pay as you go type and the cost is trivial compared to the peace of mind.
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    Phantom Pilots in UK

    Miles and miles away here in Wiltshire....
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    Phantom tiping every start

    You said "when I hit the RIGHT stick up or down".... You only use the left stick when taking off, it controls upward motion and rotation. The right stick controls forward back and left or right motion. If you have been pressing the right stick forward before takeoff, you will tip over. Only...
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    17-JUL New Phantom Upgrade Option

    Dji are constantly upgrading their products and at a speed that is often annoying, as in this case. No sooner have you spent out on the first gimbal tilt upgrade that a new smaller cheaper and better version comes out. This is from a company that is highly innovative and has probably...
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    Where to power gimbal from?

    The actual current draw from the gimbal is low, even in bumpy air. You should not have any issues with taking power from the main battery terminals. You might like to add a switch and an external plug connection, while you have your soldering iron out, you can power other accessories off that...
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    **** tarot gimbal

    As is now established, that is no way a Tarot gimbal. I have several different Tarot gimbals, and even the cheapest is well engineered with good, user adjustable software. The very latest Tarot gimbal is on a par with the 2d Zenmuse, at a fraction of the cost, and I have never had any...
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    Abnormal shifting while airborne

    My best "dont do repairs in a hurry" moment. Took the props off, opened up the casing, fixed my problem, put the casing top back on, reinstalled the props as per the rotation symbols on the casing arms, powered up and wondered why the phantom was running at full power and not taking off. Had...
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    Phantom fell from the sky

    The VRS solution is very interesting, I suppose the air around the props of a tiny (compared to a Chinook) multirotor is subject the same laws of fluid dynamics and aerodynamics. The battery issue is worth considering though. I loaded up my Phantom to the limit with camera, gimbal...
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    Un used wire ?

    The red/grey wire is for 12volt accessories, and can be very handy. I terminated mine in a standard white 4pin female plug, and added a switch, so you can power up your fpv transmitter, gimbal and even your running lights without connecting and reconnecting plugs, works a treat.