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    Help with UK and CAA regulations - Police caution

    Dont put any footage on facebook its asking for trouble. You will find that some of your friends are not friends. Did the police even look at your footage. Definition of congested is overcrowded with traffic or people and if you say there were only a handful of people and you were within 50...
  2. Leckhamton


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    Searching google earth for places to fly is something i do for ideas. I am from the Gloucestershire area if anyone knows of any locations around that area or the cotswolds i would be grateful if you could share them with me.
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    Standard Please help Standard or Advanced?

    After talking about the phantom 3 a lot to the wife with her saying "you already have a drone" I just told her i sold my ph2 on ebay and got almost enough to buy my ph3 and only needed to find £100. Then asked her how much her new handbag cost. You know the one in the wardrobe collecting dust...
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    Standard Please help Standard or Advanced?

    I hope you got it back. The thought of having to just leave it there would upset me. The good thing about a phantom 3 is you just let go of the sticks and it will stop dead in the sky just like it has brakes...But only if you are quick enough to see the tree first.
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    Standard Please help Standard or Advanced?

    £400 is allot if you have to try and persuade the wife into why you have to buy one.
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    P3P loses video signal intermittently in both gps mode or non gps mode

    Having same problem. I lose video at 100m and it goes black and white with RTH and no bars on the rc indicator and full bars on the video indicator but can still control the bird no problem and still get to 130m. Whats going on. Anyone have any ideas. I have yet to try moving the antenna so see...
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    Standard Please help Standard or Advanced?

    I used the same hubsan x4 then syma x5 then phantom 2 with a gopro now a phantom 3 standard and i get some nice shots and the quality is awsome.If you are only going to use it now and again the standard will be fine but if you are going to use it alot and want more distance then for the extra...
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    A few short clips and camera tilted?

    I like short movies they dont take long to edit.
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    Please Help-Image Transmission always lag during flight

    I am having this issue too and your diagram looks interesting. I will give it a shot. Hope this is the answer its driving me mad. Thanks
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    How to respond to people asking you to not fly or fly in your space

    Early morning when everyone is still asleep and the sun is trying to come up has a nice atmosphere. check out my short utube vid.
  12. Golden Fields of wheat.Malvern UK

    Golden Fields of wheat.Malvern UK

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    Got my Bmfa insurance on Thursday and got my membership card on Saturday, public liability insurance up to £25000000 for £25. Its piece of mind if i ever get the dreaded flyaway. Plus it looks good for drone pilots it shows we are sensible with our hobbie.
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    How to respond to people asking you to not fly or fly in your space

    They were not big dogs and all they did was run up to me and bark but it would be a different story if they were a dangerous breed. I always fly my phantom when there are no people around so i can concentrate on flying.You just dont know, people can be just as upredictable as animals.I may sound...
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    How to respond to people asking you to not fly or fly in your space

    I had a old guy set his dogs on me for taking pictures of a woodpecker on a tree in the forest at 6am with my SLR. He called me a pedo and a pervert cos i had a big 300mm lens on my camera. There were no other people or children around. Its not us drone pilots that are a danger its the crazy...