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    P3 Standard

    I just got their e-mail. I guess it stays between PV2+ and P3A except the max. video recording resolution. It lacks 60fps capability for full HD though. UHD: 2.7K: 2704 x1520p 30 (29.97) FHD: 1920x1080p 24/25/30 HD: 1280x720p 24/25/30/48/50/60
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    Advanced vs Professional

    Thanks for your replies. Actually I was looking for more real-life impressions. On the paper 4K features of Professional look pretty good and I'm ready to shoot and edit 4K videos. I have a high-end MacBook Pro and I'm long time videographer/RC enthusiast. But I don't think it'd be practical to...
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    Advanced vs Professional

    Let's heat this thread up! I'm about to upgrade my P2V+ to a P3. I believe I've waited enough. And even tough I think I'd be very pleased with P3A I still have doubts. So what do you P3 owners think about this decision after all that product release rush and your impressions untill now? Would...
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    Phantom 2 firmware update 3.14

    I just updated my Phantom. I'll fly it today and see what I got.
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    IOS 8

    It's good to see that iPhone 6 Plus fits well. I'm also waiting for my 64GB one. Have a good flight!
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    lost your phantom in chattanooga, tennesee?

    That's not cool. We should all file a report for that bid. Probably the pilot's crashed it into Tennessee River. He says he's found it on the beach but it doesn't make sense.
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    2014 Fireworks @ Baltimore's Inner Harbor

    Apparently it was a good choice to drive down the road. Good work.
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    Just look for a waterproof case. There are many options in tool cases. And just like @kjopc said do your own calculations for dimensions before buying a case. I rather to carry my phantom props removed.
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    I'd suggest you to buy an aluminum tool case with the dimensions of 450x320x210mm and put EVA foam in it if it doesn't have already. That's the most customisable choice and what I'll be doing this weekend. And believe me you'd save lots of money this way. Just an example...
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    Let's see some videos!

    Aerial video of an ancient castle on Black Sea cost. Still testing.
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    Losing Wi-Fi connection between take off and landing

    I don't believe I take off sooner than I should. But I'll keep that in mind anyway. Thanks.
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    Losing Wi-Fi connection between take off and landing

    I'm having a problem with my Vision+. Since the very first flight, I lose Wi-Fi connection after take off. Until starting to fly, everything seems normal. I connect my iPhone to Range Extender and adjust settings, use all functions and get ready to fly without any problem. Then I take off and...
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    Let's see some videos!

    Thank you. As far as I remember I recorded video at 1080p/30 and used these settings: ISO 100/WB Sunny/Metering-Center Weighted/-0.3 Comp. / Sharpness-Std
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    My 2 cent mods

    You have simple & useful ideas at low costs. These are great! Thanks for sharing.
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    Let's see some videos!

    Here is my first test flight with my recently purchased Vision+. Nothing fancy though: