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    FPV problem with GoPro H3 Black

    I had similar problem with my fat shark setup. Turned out to be video tx.
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    What batteries is everyone using??

    Saw this. Looked interesting and was thinking about poping on one. Has anyone tryed these? 2800mah 100c guaranteed to fit from ... ck&cat=378
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    High Altitude

    I bet you did. I visited lake Louise when I was about 12 I think. Gorgeous turquoise water from the glacial runoff!
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    High Altitude

    Hi there I'm from Colorado and higher altitude does have an affect. I haven't flown it off a 14er yet but have flown it at 11,000 and it took about 60-65 power just to hover and my flight time was reduced to under 5 minutes from about 8 with fpv setup and was sluggish in the air. I would...
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    iPhone flight tracking - Experiment #3

    I would think about an elastic cord to attach balloons, would reduce chance of cord getting caught in a blades, especially on accent. Can't want to see it, good luck!! You may need it.
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    Carbon Fiber Props

    Yes, absolutely. Especially is you want better quality video (reduce jello) and it will probably increase the life of your motors as well.
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    Fast yellow flashing. It won't start or calibrate...HELP

    Pop the top and power up phantom, if the rx board has the red led light ON this mean no tx/rx communication. Press the tiny button for a couple of seconds and it will start to flash. Then power on tx and it will bind. Full directions are in advanced manual.
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    Grounded Error #29

    There are two tx calibrations. Have you tried doing the tx calibration on the transmitter itself?
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    Constant Yellow Blinking - NO GPS !

    Consistently flashing yellow means no tx/rx communication, NOT IMU warm up, thats four yellows and a pause. Make sure that you tx and rx are still bound. My tx an rx randomly became unbound and the tx was unresponsive when connected to the Naza assistant. Popped top and bind them back together...
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    Fast yellow flashing. It won't start or calibrate...HELP

    Is your tx responsive in the Naza assistant? If not you may have to rebind the tx and rx.
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    My DJI phantom dont start. And yes, try the kode

    I think there were a couple of other folks on here having start up problems. I'd check previous posts too but an advanced calibration as well as 2 transmitter calibrations, one in the Naza assistant as well as on the transmitter itself (instructions in advanced manual). May also want to try...
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    Bearing Problem?

    Go back a watch dji assembly video, I believe Collins phantom makes same noise. Mine does as well. No problems
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    Then theres this!!!

    I'd almost believe it if I saw one of those signs and I forgot the state of California is broke and can't even afford a candy bar
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    How can I prevent from flying FPV with bad batteries?

    Saw someone one utube that put a fiber optic cable next to led light and ran it to the side of his gopro lens so he could see light indicators on screen. Thought it looked like a cheap fix.
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    Phantom making high pitched noise

    Hello I also noticed a high pitched noise coming from motors and was wondering the same thing so I went back to the dji tutorial videos and Collins phantom makes the same noise. I've been flying it now for a couple of months with no motor issues, but its always a good idea to feel your motors...