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    KP index

    Be careful when flying drones around middle of March
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    P-4 or Mavic

    Hi there I have both p4 and Mavic platinum Range is negotiable as you got options on both windsurfers ,rangeextenders ,litchi with waypoints ,etc I love my platinum because it’s so quiet and the portability P4 camera is better but that may all change soon when the Mavic Pro || Comes out later...
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    Mystery Crash P4 flewn with Litschi

    The Homo button lol that’s hilarious
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    Constant Update - Solutions

    Oh yeah good idea I have the feeling that the DJI go app “phones home “ Even if you don’t use it
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    Constant Update - Solutions

    Hey Jim how do you check your IMU and compass and all the other flight parameters You still have DJI go on your device can’t cut the cord completely ?..?
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    How to Build Casey Neistat's Human Lifting Drone

    I was hoping that drone would have had a flyaway and we never see that dude again
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    Phantom 4 yo-yo effect while flying

    There can be a issue if you use a gimbal guard as they can interfere with the sensors check out some YouTube videos regarding phantom/yo-yo effect
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    Phantom 4 yo-yo effect while flying

    Did you use a gimbal guard? Or maybe your downward vision sensors are dirty or obstructed
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    DJI Drones and the lack of competition. The DJI Story.

    I like your channel subscribed a few months back [emoji106]
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    Dedicated PolarPro Drone Trekker V2.0 backpack thread.

    No doubt polar pro is top quality Got the bag and all those filters happy as Larry
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    DJI snooping. Fact or Fiction?

    I wonder how much data they collect from me as I always fly in airplane mode There is no internet [emoji848] That’s until I maybe sync my flights ....if
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    What would you keep?

    I keep all my drones I’m a collector I love them more than my wife[emoji3]
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    When Will We See The Phantom 5 ?

    Hey Bill I like your YouTube channel Keep it up [emoji106][emoji106]
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    cracked batteries on P4

    Yep 3 out of my 7 batteries have cracks above the led light not worried just put some clear tape over They are expendable