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    See what I caught traveling at over 1300 MPH Just saw this thread and it reminded me of this shot I captured 4 years ago. I always assumed it was a bug.
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    Waypoints/Favorite Waypoints question/idea

    I assume you're all long gone by now, but here's my question. I'm trying to create a very long time-lapse shot for a doc I'm working on. I'm trying to create a drone shot that looks as if its a single flight of about 5 miles. To do this I need to stitch together multiple flights. Been trying to...
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    Gimbal disconnected

    I was flying last week for a local public works dept and in mid flight, the gimbal went limp. Never seen anything like it. I was able to navigate home. attached is the video.
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    Firmware Update problems

    When I connect my phantom 4 Pro+ to the DJI Assistant 2 - it says firmware is current. But went I start the app to fly, I get a 'firmware update required' alert at the top. when I advance to 'firmware update' i get a blank screen. any guidance would be appreciated.
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    h3-3d not quite level on the Y axis

    I just tried the double check your level and redo IMU calibration. unfortunately it didn't work for me. but thanks for the idea.
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    How I balanced the Polar Pro ND Filter [video]

    Jaybee - I get the same audio on start up. Like you, I assume it's getting drowned out by the motors once I start flying. just got th h3-3d two days ago so I don't know if there's any consequences. I'm also getting the drift(mostly left) from the yaw motor on start up. but if I wait it out...
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    Best ways to remove micro jitters & improving footage?

    peter nap: are you using aeroxcraft gimbal or another? and if you are, can you send a link to the #8 ND filter you're using? actually, I'd like to see it either way....but I think I'll have to make some modifications to my aeroxcraft gimbal to be able to fit any kind of filter on my gopro...
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    Roseberry Topping

    djidan,this is some very smooth video. I am also using an aeroxcraft gimbal under my Phantom1. I struggled with some yaw wiggle in the Phantom which I believe to be exaggerated by the aeroxcraft gimbal. have you made any adjustments to gains in your naza settings to get such smooth shots? Also...
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    Best ways to remove micro jitters & improving footage?

    I've experienced pretty much the same things as you with my aeroxcraft gimbal under PHnatom 1. biggest frustration is the yaw wobble that seems to be a bit exaggerated with the aexrocraft. I'm going to try changing some gains in the phantom naza settings again today to see if I can smooth it...
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    Phantom with ezOSD + Fatshark FPV TX + Carbon Mount Plate

    Re: Phantom with ezOSD + Fatshark FPV TX + Carbon Mount Plat Is that a lens hood for glare on the front of your gopro? if so where'd you get it?
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    Real World Zenmuse

    I'm like you Edunwody...not much of an engineer/tinkerer. Just trying to create great video. I've heard good things about Atlanta Hobby. Nothing like that where I live.
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    A shot of my bosses house,wish I lived there.

    I am new to this forum and I like it a lot so forgive me for being negative on my first post but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced something I'm experiencing with the new Arris CM2000 gimbal. I just got mine and flew it yesterday for the first time. the gimbal seems to work well but...