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    Thunder Flight

    Cool footage. Glad you got it down before getting too wet. I like to put black electrical tape over the front lights to eliminate the red glare from showing on night flight footage.
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    SOLD- Immersion 600mw VTX / Fatshark Spironet / FPV Cable

    Re: Immersion 600mw VTX / Fatshark Spironet / FPV Cable Yeah I will sell just those. Name a price and let's make a deal.
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    SOLD- Immersion 600mw VTX / Fatshark Spironet / FPV Cable

    I am selling my Immersion 600mw 5.8 VTX and Fatshark Spironet Antennas with Plug and play cable to connect the iOSD Mini to your Phantom 2 and Fat Shark/ImmersionRC transmitter from NO soldering required for your FPV setup. The Immersion VTX has the heat shrink removed...
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    Setting up the Futaba T8FGS (or 14SG) with the P2

    Re: Setting up the Futaba T8FGS with the P2 Click on the next available non-greyed out slot and then hit import. Try that. Are you getting a list of numbers with no data on the fields?
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    FPV monitor mount

    Deleted Original Thanks for helping out so fast Phil and getting everything sorted out. You are a stand up guy, and I appreciate you taking care of me.
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    FPV monitor mount

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    Phantom 2 Assistant Software

    The light sequence and patterns are different when Nazam is enabled, Green with red, green with red red, and green with red red red are all indicating satellite acquisition. There are several threads that have IOC LED glossary, so do a search, I would try and find it for you, but running out...
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    Lost Zenmuse pitch control after update

    Kurt, Did you have gimbal tilt control prior to upgrading the Phantom 2 via the Assistant? There currently is an error with the assistant recognizing Phantom 2's as a Phantom 2 Vision which does not allow gimbal control. This is being fixed by DJI in the next 24hours. See this post ...
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    Phantom 2 Videos

    So I am waiting for my Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H3-2D to ship, and can't wait any longer. Anyone have any videos they have shot to hold those of us over that are waiting. Greatly Appreciated.
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    Phantom 2 Discussion Forum

    Thanks for creating a new thread! Mine is coming Friday from DroneFly and I can't wait to get this GoPro in the sky.
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    Phantom 2 Pre order

    There is a setting in the GoPro menu to shoot photos while filming video. There is no way to control the GoPro from the ground currently, you simply have to set it on take off and conduct your flight.
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    Phantom 2 Pre order
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    Phantom 2 Pre order

    Did anyone who ordered from DroneFly get shipping confirmation today?
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    Adobe Camera Raw update 8.3 for the Vision

    Thanks for the heads up. Wonder if anything was altered at all now that it is included in lens profiles?
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    Anyone Hydrocoat your Phantom yet?

    I just took mine apart in about 10 minutes. For most the tinkering is probably not worth it if you are not comfortable putting it back together.