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    Can I use drone for feature films?

    Featured films usually require permits from the city they're being shot in. Keep in mind. You'll need to have all your permits and authorizations lined up. As well as a high dollar insurance policy. And not sure a P4P will suffice for film grade quality. I guess that depends on your film, but...
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    Question for licensed pilots!!

    Should never can be said as has never for us. We've flown commercially every day the last 1.5 years since part 107 came out. Never once have we been grounded by dji geo fencing. We'very had to deal with it many times. As we are regularly flying in controlled airspace. We even flown 1500 feet...
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    The Phantom 4 P max range

    How are you guys in the United States maintaining visual line of sight of your aircraft at these distances?
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    P4Pro 4K video question

    In my experience, all of the above could use an upgrade if you're trying to smoothly work with UHD or CHD 4K video without proxies. I've built 3 systems in the last year. So I have some recent experience with this. -i7 7700 or 8700 -Very important is the video card I'd recommend minimum the...
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    Question for licensed pilots!!

    The DJI geo fencing system is very easy to navigate and bypass. Just as long as you know what you're doing it should never keep you grounded. It only takes a minute to unlock unless you're trying to fly within 1 mile of an active runway. And in that case it takes less than 12 hours. Very simple...
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    How many batteries do you have?

    Sorry to hear that. I would never buy used or 3rd party batteries. Only new from authorized dealers. Brakes, tires.....and batteries... never take a shortcut with!
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    Life expectancy of Phantom 4 pro +

    2017 flights with my p4p 792 flights 452 total miles flown 171 hours in the air Over 9000 pictures Over 2000 videos Not a single issue. No stress cracks, no motor failures, no camera issues. I will note one thing. The spring load on the quick release props is starting to stick on 2 of my...
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    How many batteries do you have?

    12 high cap total. Rotate 1-10 regularly.
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    > Which Gaming Laptop To Pick?

    I wouldn't reccomend the 1050, or the 1050ti. Minimum the 6gb 1060. And if you can get a 1070, you will appreciate it later.
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    4,000+ Miles Flown---Anyone Have More?

    Discussing BVLOS laws in a thread that is based around BVLOS flight is not trolling, nor is it taking the subject off topic. It is directly related, and relevant. And it has an impact on every single person who flies a drone, for professional use, or just hobby use. Nice attempt to spin things...
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    4,000+ Miles Flown---Anyone Have More?

    I would like to see the CBO each hobbyist is following along with that allows BVLOS flight. I know the AMA doesn't allow it in theirs. And companies build production cars with 1000 horsepower that can go well beyond 200mph and surely hit illegal speed limits. What's your point? That doesn't...
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    4,000+ Miles Flown---Anyone Have More?

    It doesn't matter what ridiculous claims you say about your eyesight. It's what the FAA has to say. There is right way and a wrong way to do things. And unless you've gone about it in the legal way to apply for a specific waiver that proves you (and your crew) know what they're doing and can...
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    Law Enforcement Use (VLOS Sight)

    I'm curious how this ever turned out? Any luck moving forward? Another option would be use a micro drone that weighs less than .55 lbs. You could enter through a window and also fly out after. I'm curious how privacy laws could effect you guys. I'd imagine it would be no issue with a warrant.
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    4,000+ Miles Flown---Anyone Have More?

    In other words... He knows what he is doing is illegal (blatenly and repeatedly flying well beyond visual line of sight) and doesn't want to leave a public trail for the FAA to get a hold of.