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    Phantom 4 Flips Mid-Air

    Was there an extreme wind condition at the point of flipping?
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    LED props and Folding props for the P3!

    There are many other places where you can mount LEDs on P3, I don’t prefer to put them on props.
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    Standard Drifting

    Drone will not drift because of unbalanced props.
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    Cheap FPV with phone in goggles

    Racing fpv goggles require very low transmission delays else the actual position seen on the goggles could be misleading and could result into mishaps. If you are going in for a racing drone and fpv, check the specifications carefully. Usually racing fpvs are expensive.
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    Swollen battery

    Swelling on the lipo batteries is usually seen when their internal electrolyte breaks down due to over heat or excessive current flow. Batteries in such conditions should never be used again as they might catch fire or explode.
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    VR goggles, anyone use them?

    Yes Litchi will produce Two images suitable for VR goggles.
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    locating trees

    Good idea
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    Traveling Cases for drones?

    I use cheap $40 cases. They protect well and I can replace them after two years if need arises but they are still ok. Only negative is that they are not hard shell and should be carried as hand baggage if travelling by air. I don’t see any point in spending huge money on them if they protect...
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    Controller power up with DBS Panel Disconnected

    Yes there are good chances of toasting controller without antennas connected.
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    Phantom 3 Professional with case and extra parts No Video feed!

    Do you know what to repair and how to repair?
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    Sefl tight propellers

    The DJI props are self tightening type props and get tightened during flights. However you should tighten them enough by a finger that they don’t come off during initial breaking. It’s known that if the props are lose and you apply heavy breaks, there are chances to get them further loosened.
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    Any problems after the latest Apple Ipad update?

    I see 11.2.6 iOS update as a good update
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    For Sale: Mavic Pro with lots of Extras (like new)

    Prices are high, my opinion.
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    Phantom 4 pro or advanced

    Lose your eyes and buy P4P haha
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    Hi all, new on the forums. Adding another Minnesotan to the ranks

    I’m glad that you bought P4P which is one of the great drones.