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    Built His Own Autonomous Quad'

    Nice build and video of this autonomous quad! ... ght-tests/
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    Yet more CNN drone news.

    Appeared on CNN's website this morning. ... ?hpt=hp_c3
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    If you weren't getting a Phantom.

    I've never had an RC flying anything, but decided to get a quad because of built-in stability for a beginner like me. There are so many choices out there and I tend not to believe the seller and how great their product is so I'll ask you guys who have the experience. If you weren't going to...
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    CNN Drone News Video

    This news video appeared on CNN's website this morning. ... ?hpt=hp_c3
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    New Phantom V1.1.1

    So, does this mean the new "Vision" will have these upgrades plus the camera?
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    Yaw in ATT mode?

    Great, thanks---that clears up that question and it makes sense because of the two counter-rotating props. I guess they are responsible for that maneuver.
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    Yaw in ATT mode?

    Haven’t purchased a Phantom yet, but have been watching the DJI’s instructional videos and the first question I have (among many to come) is: If you’re in the (non GPS) ATT mode and you yaw right or left and then center the control stick, will it continue to rotate which would require you to...
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    Price drop?

    I hope you're right about the Vision possibly being lower in price because I'm set on getting it or the current model and installing a Drift camera. Thanks, it gives me a little encouragement. ****, I wish winter wasn't just ahead.
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    Price drop?

    Not knowing DJI's past sales practices, do any of you expect to see a significant price drop for the current Phantom model when the new "Vision" model is released? Or is it just a flip of the coin? Just trying to decide which to buy for the 1st time. Thanks